Kitchen Lavender & DIY Lavender Thieves Oil

July 16, 2014

Kitchen Lavender & DIY Lavender Thieves Oil


For all you seasoned essential oil users this will be a friendly reminder, for new essential oil users this could be the start of your own love affair with healing, natural alternative style!  Let's start in the kitchen, we all have one whether it's an outdoor camp kitchen or a stylish galley.  No matter what your kitchen looks like, there's a heat source somewhere and where there's heat there's really hot stuff.  That's all the reason you need to keep Kitchen Lavender within reach.

This is what Lisa had to say about her Kitchen Lavender... "I have to send a BIG Thank You your way!  I have been using essential oils for a little over a year now. Mostly for aroma therapy, migraine headaches and homemade chap stick. Yesterday I was using my deep fryer, while trying to pry a stuck on piece off the fry basket I managed to flop about a ¼ cup of hot oil back onto my hand. The 375° oil covered all 4 of my fingers back up onto the knuckles on my hand. I immediately washed off the hot oil then literally dumped my lavender oil on my hand. Once it calmed down enough to touch I rubbed some burn cream I made via your Naked Salve Recipe. This morning my hand barely hurts, I only have minor stinging in a couple places and I only have one tiny blister (about the size of a pin head) on my pointer finger!  Thank you Rebecca!!  The knowledge and the recipes you have shared save me from a lot of pain!!".  

First of all, thanks for sharing your story Lisa and, prompting this post!  I love getting back to the basics of EO use :-) This is my helpful tip of the day and why I keep referring to a bottle of CW Lavender as Kitchen Lavender.  Keep a bottle of pure Lavender in your kitchen at all times and designate it, K I T C H E N  L A V E N D E R.  By doing this, your bottle is less likely to wander off.  Also, store it in a convenient place so it's easy to grab in an emergency because if you have a culinary mishap of the 1st or 2nd degree you'll want it fast.  Your bottle of therapeutic grade Kitchen Lavender will definitely lessen the pain, stop the burn and speed the healing.  Of course, always seek medical attention if necessary.


It's no secret that I love collecting and using DIY versions of brand name blends on the market.  I found this adaptation in a Natural News article that had me running for a Post It Note!  I've never seen a Thieves Oil recipe with Lavender, but I love the idea and wanted to share it!  Thieves oil blends have antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-infectious properties to stimulate the immune system and guard against sore throats, cold and flu and respiratory illness such as pneumonia and bronchitis.  In my mind, the addition of Lavender would temper the blend, adding even more restorative properties to a soothing protective blend and I love how it smells!  So far, I've tried the Lavender Thieves Blend on mosquito bites to stop the itching and oil pulling, loved it!  But get this, it's SO nice in the diffuser too  :-)

    I hope you've learned to appreciate the powers of Lavender even more, it's no surprise that Lavender is the most popular essential oil on the planet.  There's a reason for that, Lavender's versatility is endless and meaningful to heart, mind and body, it doesn't smell too shabby either!

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    1. Combine the all essential oils and store in a dark 15 ml glass bottle.

    Recipe By: CampWander


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