Uber Cool Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mom

May 07, 2018 1 Comment


Here's nine of my FAVORITE things! Some of my faves are #eolife related and some are just plain F U N, just in time for summer! Pssst - forward this blog post to the men in your life - a win win for both of you!

It can be daunting for your tribe to shower you with the essential oils and salves that you love but they don't have a clue about so let's have some fun and expand the horizons! I could be rendered speechless if I received any of things from my tribe ;)

1. Cold Brew Coffee w/ DIY Mason Jar Kit - Your coffee crazies will LOVE this! It's so easy and so so so good on a warm summer day by the pool (hint hint), very affordable too! The best girlfriend gift EVer.

2. YETI Roadie - I take this hard cooler everywhere. It's pricey but nothing else compares to it's usefulness for me. It fits in the back seat, keeps food, drinks, Camp Wander Salves and EOs cold for days when I wander and that color? Love it! PS kiddos - wanna see your Mom flip out? A YETI Tundra 45 in peach perhaps? (manifesting)

3. Ultra Thick Double Layer Microfiber Cloths - Pack of 6 - nothing cleans up kids, kitchens or salve making days like these! Such pretty bright colors and so incredibly soft but the best thing about them - they don't catch on my rough hands, that's just so annoying.  

4. Instant Pot Mini (3 qt) - I finally discovered what all the fuss is about, I do love this pot but not necessarily for reasons you might guess. I have several, it's the perfect size for salve making - low and slow heat as good salve making practices demand and, the clean up is easy peazy. Oh, and it's a great assistant chef too, I use a separate insert for food :)

5. Little Tikes Slam & Curve Slide - Again, you may experience sticker shock but I promise you, this pool will make your summer! I saw one in action at my daughter's house, kids climbing, sliding, splashing, toddlers playing safely in the very shallow, soft sided wading pool, dogs drinking out of it, no rough edges and best of all, the littles are exhausted at the end of the day! Pull up a chair, don your shades, grab your cold brew coffee from the fridge and enjoy!

6. Hydro Flask 32 oz - my favorite brand, my favorite size! I stay cool and hydrated with water that stays cold for 24 hrs - this goes everywhere with me too...and oh the colors!

7. Pure Spa XL Diffuser Humidifier - this tank of a diffuser puts out! Not only does it hold enough water to run 24 hrs, it truly is a humidifier AND diffuser that literally sends out a ton of water vapor which makes my skin happy. I keep one in our bedroom at night, our mountain air is so dry and pure Bulgarian Lavender water floating in the air while sleeping is bliss.

8. The Amazing Portable Waterless Diffuser - You might have seen this countless times on my FB page or Instagram because I'm obsessed with it. No water, really, no water! Just add 16 drops of your favorite Camp Wander EO Blend and take it with you - in the car, any room in the house, you name it, if it's charged (USB) - it can be cordless for several hours! The output is strong, it's awesome and you won't need to run it all day!

9. Himalayan Salt Flower Lamp - Last but not least! I love my lamp, it's at my desk generating natural negative ions whether it's lit or not - I have several in the house too. I think it's a good idea to keep them near electronic devices that produce positive ions (always seeking balance, I am). The light is dimmable and so easy on your eyes at night - when our peepers should be resting from all that blue light we take in from our devices, the TV and LED lighting. Plus, it's just darn pretty.

Have time for one more suggestion? 

10. Give the gift of Amazon Prime - Free 2 Day Shipping, Free Amazon Video, Free Amazon Music, Photo Storage, Audio Books - I'd be lost without Prime, I admit it. All of the above items are available on Amazon so if you order quick you'll have your gifts before the big day :)

Have fun celebrating those amazing nurturers in your life! Make their day special, give them reprieve from the daily grind and watch them shine when you do!

P.S. Need some wellness ideas for your sweet nurturers too?  Send wellness their way - enjoy 15% savings thru Mother's Day with coupon code: MOMLOVE15 - see special offer below!

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Lisa K
Lisa K

October 09, 2018

I just LOVE everything I’ve ordered from CW. Your products deliver 120%. The rose water & healing salve, are a must. I love that you post detailed info on everything. I’m a forever customer !

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