Back to School Roller Pack +

Every August we jump to your rescue with our "ready to roll" blends chosen specifically for school kids, teachers and parents. Family friendly blends to help support immunity and prepare for the typical situations that come with shared classroom/work environments. Our essential oil blends are antimicrobial by natures' design with the added benefits of improved focus, relief and quite possibly, a shortened duration of classroom spread bacterial and viral infections. 

Check out the outstanding lineup of items in our 2021/2022 Back to School Offer!
  • 10ml Immunity Impact Roller - prevention & protection
  • 10ml Jeddys' Blend Roller - anxiety & focus
  • 10ml Digest Ease Roller - upset tummies
  • 10ml Lavender Hemp Roller - protection & healing
  • (1) Hand Sanitizer Spray - pocket size
  • (1) Immunity Impact Salve Sample - nasal swabbing
  • A fun, informative USAGE CARD explaining the benefits of each blend and how to use them (especially handy if you're gifting the set to new EO users)

Limited supply.

Save 15% when you use the code: SCHOOL15

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect back to school gift!

I got this kit for my 9 year old son and he loves it. He really likes how he can apply himself and he has his own oils now. Thank you for the great products once again!!

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