6 set - Wellness Collection for Kids

10 ml Herbal Baby

  • When it comes to our littlest ones, gentle is the word. After many rounds of recipe testing, we discovered a lovely combination of, gentle. A sweetly handcrafted healing salve to soothe chapped skin, diaper rash irritation, cradle cap and even tummy discomfort!

10 ml Expectorant

  • Family friendly Expectorant: This is a multitasking blend that can be used topically with a carrier oil and in the diffuser. We do both at our house! Perfect for a persistent lingering winter flu and cold cough.

10 ml Lullaby 

  • Tired mamas ask me often for a safe and gentle sleep remedy that might calm their little night owls at home. This is a favorite blend for night owls large and small in our family. I'll often diffuse this blend in the house just because I love the herbal fragrance combination so much.

Perfect for diffusing or dilute  with Rosehip Seed Oil for topical application

1/4 ounce Travel Size Immunity Impact Salve


  • Applying Immunity Impact Salve is a convenient protocol to use before school, work or play to help defend against cold and flu. A quick massage across the bottoms of feet is all it takes to make a difference. We also love the versatility of this salve as an antimicrobial hand sanitizer, for bug bite relief, cold sores and wound care.

1/4 ounce Travel Size Jeddy's Blend Salve

  • Four years ago Jeddy's Blend was created by my sister Dori for her young son Jed who was struggling in school with focus, behavior and self-esteem. Her beautifully mellow essential oil blend is grounding and calming without side effects. Hundreds of testimonials are telling the same story, this blend has changed lives. The Original Jeddy's Blend has touched the lives of children and their families, adults in the workplace, and college students worldwide. It has also proven to be helpful for PTSD challenges and even TMJ symptoms.

1/4 ounce Travel Size Lavender Salve

  • Lavender - Lavandula augustifolia essential oil is the world's most loved essential oil and for good reason - it smells like heaven and has the profound ability to relax body and mind, restore tissue, relieve pain, purify the air, sanitize hands, smooth skin, soften hair, level blood sugar, ease allergy symptoms and help tired souls sleep. In this fast-paced world of ours, a bottle of Lavender should be in every home and everyone should know how to use it. Start by teaching your kids about its soothing properties, apply a dab to their hands before they leave the house for school. The trace of fragrance will remind them of home and lift their spirits not to mention, sanitize their little hands.

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Customer Reviews

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6 set - Wellness Collection for Kids

Good products!

Always love anything from CW--- thanks for your high quality oils!

Sick grandson!

Your products are wonderful. As soon as they arrived, I put some on my grandson. He lifts up his shirt waiting on Grandma to apply them to his chest and back. This 2 year old is an" oilier" already!! Have been using your "recipes" and products for years.. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

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