Serenity Blue Salve

Serenity Blue is our NEW therapeutic grounding blend now available in a CW Salve. Use daily for that peaceful feeling when you need it most. Apply topically or just breathe in Serenity Blue to recenter your day and get your balance back. Feel your muscles relax, anxiety ease and your well being return when you add Serenity Blue to your busy day. For a restful nights sleep, apply to soles of both feet at bedtime.

Shelf life for CW salve is approximately 8 to 10 months

Lucky you! Should this item be on back order it's usually only a 3 to 4 day delay!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

This has helped me get to sleep at nights. Also the oil in my diffuser

Blue Serenity Salve and Essential Oil Blend

I purchased these hoping they would help me get over panic attacks, which I have suffered from for 20 years. They are wonderful!! So helpful and calming. I rub it on all pulse-points and inhale its wonderful sense, and before I know it, the attack is over and I am so happy!! Thank you so much. I am so relieved I found you and that you carry these wonderous relievers.

Love Serenity Blue Salve .

Love Serenity Blue Salve . I purchased a couple of jars for her to use While going to LPN schooling . Half of her class use it during test taking.

My new fav!

I'm not sure what it is about this salve but I can't seem to get enough. The scent is subtle, yet it makes me want more! On the bottoms of my feet daily, rubs here and there before bed. I've slept the best I ever have. DEFINATELY will be a forever product❤️

Serenity Blue

I keep this as my oil staple! Bottom of feet at night for myself and my daughter. Great way to wind down and a good nights sleep. Smells heavenly!

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