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Keep Off Bug Blend

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Includes 1 - 1 oz glass spray bottle of Rosehip Seed Oil

Looking for a safe bug repellent? I got your back and I don't bite :) Here's what's in it...

Lemongrass - did you know that Citronella is derived from a variety of Lemongrass species? It is, and it's good stuff in a bug repellent or on a sore knee. 

Clove Bud Extra - lovely, spicy Clove (FYI - men love the spice smell of this blend). According to research,"Clove oil gave the longest duration of 100% repellency (2 to 4 hours) against all three species of mosquito."  

Peppermint - a good choice to ward off spiders and mice, you can bet it's in my bug repellent blend!

Turmeric CO2 - well known natural insecticide used worldwide in bug repellents and crop pest control.

To create a spray bottle blend - this is what you'll need:

1 oz glass spray bottle

60 drops Keep Off Bug Repellent Blend

Carrier Oil - Organic Rosehip Seed Oil - why this?

A dry oil like rosehip seed oil in a bug repellent does several things, it absorbs into the skin rather than evaporating into the air and the film it creates on your skin helps mask the sweet smell of you, the bug magnet (along with a few key compelling yet repelling essential oils of course). 


    • pure therapeutic clove essential oil
    • pure therapeutic lemongrass essential oil
    • pure therapeutic peppermint essential oil
    • pure therapeutic turmeric co2 

10 ml bottle

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