Deodorant - Herbal Balance Ready Made

1-ounce CW Ready Made Deodorant  

  • unrefined coconut oil
  • organic olive oil
  • organic beeswax pastilles
  • raw organic shea butter
  • arrowroot powder
  • rosehip seed oil
  • vitamin e

CW Herbal Balance Deodorant essential oils include: clary sage, ylang ylang, lavender, frankincense

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Finally found one that works!

Finally found a deodorant that really works! I kept wanting to make my own but was always lacking one ingredient and the time to do it! The scented or unseated are equally nice. I won’t be without them!

Give it a Try!

OK. So in all honesty, I was a bit skeptical to try this as my pits sweat...a lot! I was even using some prescription strength stuff (the kind you roll on the night before so it has 24 hours to soak in) and while it did work, I did not like the idea of using it. I was not really convinced that this would work for me but I am so glad I decided to give it a go! It is amazing! My pits sweat so much less (if at all) when using this product, even under stressful conditions (as in playing the organ and piano for over 1,000 people kind of stressful) it works great! Plus, I love the scent! I will never buy any other deodorant again.

Great Deodarant

I love the smell & the smoot feel!! The oils in it are heavenly!!! IT NEEDS TO BE LARGER IN SIZE!!! That is too small to hold onto especially when you have arthritis!!! Please make it bigger!!

Great Deodorant!

I love this deodorant. As a breast cancer survivor, I don't want to use deodorants loaded with chemicals. I appreciate that only natural ingredients are used in the herbal deodorant made by Camp Wander, and it works great.

Best I’ve used, ever.

This is the best deodorant, no question. I’m a fitness trainer and hot yoga instructor. Wanted something completely free of chemicals that worked and really kept clothing (pits!) dry while working. Clothing stays completely dry while working (not during hot practice, but no smell after and still feel fresh!) No smell on your body or your clothing, no staining of clothes. Love.It.

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