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Deodorant - Ultimate Base

The time has come for a universal deodorant base that along with a few well chosen essential oils addresses odor, perspiration, AND beautiful skin, it really is the ultimate! And here we are again, in the pursuit of the perfect DIY deodorant. The quest is worth it, knowing the ingredients is worth it, making a few extra to share with family and friends is so worth it! Why, you ask? Because most commercial deodorants contain highly questionable ingredients like aluminum that promote cancer and Alzheimer's, clog your pores with bacteria {therefore you stink} and block the body's natural detox mechanisms. Did you know there are approximately 50 lymph nodes under your arms and in close proximity to the breasts?

Read more {here} and view CW's essential oil suggestions.

CW Ultimate Deodorant Base Package contains:

1 Tub - 4-ounce deodorant base

FOUR - 1 oz clear push-up deodorant sticks

The How To:

Scoop out the desired amount of deodorant base and slowly melt it down in a mason jar water bath, add essential oils, stir and pour into desired deodorant container, let cool.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The best

I just really like this natural deodorant. It works very well. And no bad chemicals.
Thanks for also sharing you recipe so I can make at home.

love this deodorant

Never thought I would be able to make my own deodorant with the scent that makes me happy. But here it is. Love this product I can personalize it for each season like my body lotions. So happy with all the products I have gotten from CW.


I made the deodorant and found the recipe on your blog, have bought the ingredients to make my own. The Dreamy Sleep I absolutely love! I would like to make it as well but haven’t located the recipe. Thank you!!!

Great for sensitive skin!

This is my favorite natural deodorant- and I've tried MANY! It does not contain baking soda, therefore does not cause my pits to break out. It even helped my skin heal from a rash caused by another brand! And I love that I can use my own oils. I love the CW suggested blend of Geranium, Frankincense and Clove.

Customer review

I've been waffling between a commercial, natural deodorant and an antiperspirant, knowing the antiperspirant is not a good option. But I have not found a deodorant I like, at all! Already pleased with your Dreamy Sleep Salve, I ordered the Good Guy pack to try your deodorant. I LOVE IT!! Even with the Georgia heat in the upper 90's and the humidity sweltering, I am still so pleased. Just got my husband to try it. He likes it as well. Thank-you for such a great product!!

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