All Purpose Healing Salve

This is the original CW Healing Salve from which many variations of salve have been born! The original workhorse all purpose healing salve with so many benefits it's impossible to include them on one page. I'm proud of this product and nothing has given me more satisfaction than to receive comments almost daily on how incredible this salve is. I share the recipe on my website (I share all my recipes!) this salve is really so easy to make but for some, collecting all of the finest ingredients that I insist on using is expensive. I'm happy to be able to craft a jar for you, it's a special healing balm gentle enough for baby's diaper rash and Rover's hot spots or sunburned nose yet powerful enough to encourage healing and disinfect cuts, scrapes, burns, soothe itching skin and eczema.

Shelf life for CW All Purpose Healing Salve is approximately 8 to 10 months.

Remember, coconut oil will melt at 76 degrees, store in a cool place for best results.

Lucky you! Should this item be on back order it's usually only a 3 to 4 day delay!

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All Purpose Healing Salve


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Customer Reviews

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Saltve Consistancy

As always, the All Purpose Salve I orders is as I expected. The shipping was fast and the pkg was minimal.


This product really helps heal skin issues.

Love this stuff!!

I ordered this because a nurse recommended it in the hospital for a diaper rash. Apparently all her girls use it. So I ordered the ointment for a preventative. A couple days later we were called for an emergency foster placement for a child who had been abused. I decided to try the cream on his cuts and bruises, this stuff worked so well!! In a few days the bruises were completely gone. And the cuts and scrapes healed completely and didn’t even think about it being infected (as this cream kills a lot of the bacteria). I now use it on every scrape and bruise and as a preventative for diaper rashes. I love this all purpose ointment and recommend anyone try it - baby or not it helps heal boo-boos fast!!

A wonder salve

I bought this for my dog. She has had a persistent hot spot that has never quite gone away. After using items from the vet to no avail, I saw someone else having good luck in that application. It worked wonders! After 2 days it was noticably less angry red and itchy. After a week, it was virtually gone! Gave some to my dad to use after some surgery. He is getting great results and he is rather sensitive to ointments. I would not hesitate in recommending this salve!


All Camp Wander products are top of the line i’ve Been using the salve to treat adult onset eczema on my hands. My hands completely healed within one week of usage. Great product. Highly recommend

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