Lemongrass & Birch Salve Stick

A wonderfully, warming, take it where you wander, wonder balm with Wildcrafted Lemongrass and Birch essential oils to address tendinitis and plantar fasciitis pain on the go.

Our XL Twist Tube Sticks hold a generous 1/2 ounce of solid essential oil salve. 

Each Salve Stick is poured with the same essential oil ratio as our popular 2 oz Essential Oil Salves. Formulated with organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Red Raspberry Seed Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil, our Salve Sticks glide over skin leaving a moisturizing protective layer on your skin long after the essentials oils have been absorbed.

Salve Sticks are extra "handy" when you don't need salve on your hands. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lemongrass Salve

I was having very severe plantar fasciitis pain for about six months. Nothing couldn’t help the pain until I applied Lemongrass & Birch Salve. After one week I was able standing up, walk and wear a comfortable shoes. I keep applying every day and at night as well. Thank you CW.

Laurie Campbell

This is the first salve I tried from Camp Wander and I am so thankful for the relief it brings to my foot and hip pay.

Brenda Skorcz
Lemongrass & Birch salve

Just started to use this salve for my plantar fasciitis, feeling the tightness in my foot ease.

Love it!!

I love all of the salve sticks I have gotten from Camp Wander. Sometimes it’s just easier to not have to use your fingers to apply and the sticks make it so convenient. The lemongrass and birch smells wonderful and eases my pain.

Cathy S.
Another great salve

This salve stick is a great combination of pain relief for my old knees. The ease of use, pleasant smell and pain relief makes this another “go to” product. Thanks Rebecca!!

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