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35 Count! Every CW Salve Box

It's a veritable palette of plant based wellness!

Introducing Camp Wander Salves to sample, share and put to work in your home, office, school or wherever you wander. It's the perfect opportunity to sample the user friendly, therapeutic essential oil salves that you've heard so much about. 

Safe and gentle Camp Wander Salves can help with many issues without the common side effects of over the counter or prescription therapies. Give nature a chance first!

The Every Salve Box may help you with issues such as sleep, pain, infection, hormonal balance, energy, hot flashes, cuts, bruises, bites, dry skin, aging skin, digestive issues, mood management (sanity), focus, ADHD, autism, respiratory issues, diaper rash, constipation, muscles aches, cramps, pet maladies, hand sanitizing, headache, cold and flu symptoms and more.

Mix them, layer them, use them individually - your new plant based palette of therapeutic herbal salves awaits your creativity and your needs.

  • Usage instructions included with each Every CW Salve Box

Product Information -

Click here for Camp Wander Every Salve Usage PDF

1/4 oz travel size jars 

List of Camp Wander Salves - are you ready, there's a lot!

1. Herbal A/C Salve - fresh and cooling (think back of neck and feet after a long day)

2. Airway Respiratory Salve - open nasal airways, chest rub

3. Align Balance Salve - for grounding, for sanity, for the love of balance in a crazy world

4. All Purpose Healing Salve - a CW signature salve, our workhorse of a healer

5. Herbal Allergy Ease Salve - itchy skin irritations, hives, welts, allergic reactions

6. Anti-Age with ROSE - treat your dry skin and fine lines to pure Rose, Cypress, Frankincense and Lavender

7. Herbal Baby Salve - soothe chapped skin, diaper rash irritation, cradle cap and even tummy discomfort!

8. Cold & Flu Salve - to shorten the duration of infection, apply to bottoms of feet

9. Copaiba Salve - pain relief, slows bacterial growth, eases depression, reduces inflammation systemically

10. Digest Ease Salve - relieves tummy discomforts

11. Dirty Salve with Frankincense - a carrier base salve boosted with Frankincense

12. Dreamy Sleep Salve - may level blood sugar for a dreamy nights sleep, a bestseller!

13. Expectorant Salve - a brilliant and gentle chest and foot rub to ease congestion

14. Frankincense Salve - stronger than Dirty Salve, a use alone salve, blends well with other essential oils

15. Immunity Impact Salve - boost or strengthen immunity with this Thieves type salve with added Lavender 

16. Original Jeddy's Salve - this one is a game changer for many when it comes to ADHD, autism and anxiety challenges

17. Lavender Salve - you might want to jump into this jar, bulgarian lavender to brighten senses, ease leg aches at night, sleep, gentle headache option

18. Lemongrass Salve - a warming salve for aches, pains and hormonal issues

19. Lullaby Salve - for the kiddos - bottoms of feet at bedtime

20. Melaleuca Salve - a gentler way to use Melaleuca with the added healing benefits of our salve base

21. Muscle Ease Salve - this is good one for sore or strained muscles and leg cramps

22. Naked Salve - our favorite carrier kind of carrier oil - no spills - no fuss - just add your essential oils to a fingerful of Naked Salve and apply topically to area of concern

23. Nerve Pain & Block Salve - a bestseller for sure, with helichrysum, black pepper, birch and clove bud essential oils - NPB gets deep and adds warmth

24. Oregano Blemish Peel Salve with Frankincense - may draw out sun damage, clear up scaly patches and even skin tone while moisturizing. Adults and teens are using it to clear up cystic and hormonal acne and more mild breakouts, test patch recommended

25. Oregano Salve - one of nature’s strongest antibiotics - a must-have for your home's first aid kit - oregano is a hot oil but well tamed in our salve base, test patch recommended

26. Peppermint Salve - headaches, muscle aches, lip balm

27. Pet Friendly Salve - melaleuca free - contains frankincense and lavender

28. Serenity Blue Salve - attain a peaceful state, sleep like a baby with lavender, sweet marjoram, blue chamomile, ylang ylang essential oils, vanilla CO2 to soothe your tired soul

29. Sexy Wellness Salve - a healthy personal lubricant without the nasty ingredients of commercial versions

30. SHE Salve - our goddess aura blend will turn heads and may become your favorite (healthy) perfume - be prepared for the attention

31. St. John's Wort Salve - a trauma ready salve for topical applications

32. Sunburn - vacations happen and so do sunburns - apply to sun scorched skin ASAP

33. Herbal Woman Hormone Assist Salve - from young woman to wise woman, we hormonal balance - helps alleviate off center, emotional moments


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