Neroli Floral Water Spray

Neroli floral water is distilled from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree and smells the way orange blossoms should, mild and sweet. Neroli Floral Water is even milder than the essential oil. While the essential oil of Neroli is very targeted and concentrated the floral water's (hydrosol) effect on skin and spirit is mild, gentle and emotionally and physically quieting. 

Floral waters are the by-product of essential oil distillation. As the steam from the distillation carefully extracts precious essential oils drops from the aromatic parts of plants, in this case, neroli flowers or orange blossoms, it creates fragrant water droplets which are also collected in glass/steel containers. This fragrant water is what is known as the hydrosol or floral water.

Spritz your skin or the air around you and watch the cares of the day slip away.

Sizing and Origin

2 oz
Morocco - organically produced


Customer Reviews

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It makes my face fill refreshed and brightens it.

Marci Kloss
Acne Help

I originally bought this just to show some love to my mature (50+) face. It is moisturizing and smells lovely. What came as a complete surprise to me is that this spray has been a HUGE help with my acne! I've had cystic acne, especially around chin, for my entire adult life. This spray, used twice daily, has taken my cystic flare-ups from multiple times per month to about one every 3 months. Amazing!


Love the light smell. Have been spritzing it on my face before bed, and already feel an improvement in my skin. Did not care for the smell of this from a different company, but from here it is very nice. What a difference in buying quality!

Neroli Neroli

I spray our sheets with Neroli every night and take a deep breath. Neroli is such a relaxing smell for me. Don't pass this spray by.

soothing & calming

I purchased this when I knew I would be spending a lot of time in the sun. I use it all the time now! Great base for make up as it moisturizes your face with a dewy feel, wonderful after a day in the sun when your skin feels tight and I use it most often after washing my face at night as it calms my senses and adds moisture. Wonderful soft smell that leaves you feeling serene. It is my serenity spray!

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