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Preferred Ketone Supplement

Welcome to your newest discovery - Exogenous Ketones!

A revolutionary drink mix based on a proprietary ketone energy technology. It delivers advanced macro nutritionals while promoting optimized cellular regeneration, energy and longevity.  All of the drinks have the following benefits:
• Allows your body better digestion.
• Increase your focus and energy.
• Allows you to enjoy better sleep.
• Provide your body with clearer, more healthy skin.
• Put you into a better mood overall.
• Increase brain activity. 1 drink per day before or after breakfast! So simple!
Orange Dream: our only ketone product with dairy to bind with the MCT Oil for weight loss and long lasting appetite suppressant mix with cold water and ice. You can also mix it with a milk substitute like almond, coconut or hemp.
Max: (higher grade salts for quicker absorption) perfect for athletes and those on the go - elevates ketones highest and fastest by making ketones bioavailable and readily absorbed mix with water or a sparkling water. Add organic lemons or limes for added flavor!
Chocolate Swirl 3.0 our newest also for weight-loss and long lasting appetite suppressant. mix with water, cold coffee, into a protein shake or almond milk.

Once you receive your Ketone Packets it's time to begin!  

1.  Morning Ketones: shake up 1/2 packet Ketones with approximately 28 oz cold water - ice optional - drink within a 30 minute time period

2.  Afternoon Ketones: shake up 1/2 packet Ketones with approximately 28 oz cold water - ice optional - drink within a 30 minute time period

3.  Try to cut back on sugar and empty carbs - your Ketones will help with this as they give your brain a new, cleaner fuel to burn


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Tastes great

The samples were all yummy but the vanilla and splash flavored were my fav!! Loved my sample of coffee creamer too!!

Ketone Supplement

I like these ketones it gives me that extra boost I need through the day. I split the pack, take 1/2 early AM and 1/2 before lunch. Missed my 2nd 1/2 one day and definitely felt the 3:30 slump at work. Keeps the sugar/snack cravings away, helps with the afternoon slump.


I just can't get to the I live ketones stage! But I love Camp Wander and will continue to purchase the sample packs from here.


This is the 3rd time I have purchased this, I really love this product

Love CW

I love to buy from Camp Wander. It's my go to place for all things eo! I've been a fan for years!

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