2022 Every CW Salve + Creams Sampler

It's a veritable palette of plant based wellness!

Introducing Camp Wander Salves to sample, share and put to work in your home, office, school or wherever you wander. It's the perfect opportunity to sample the user friendly, therapeutic essential oil salves that you've heard so much about. 

Safe and gentle Camp Wander Salves can help with many issues without the common side effects of over the counter or prescription therapies. Give nature a chance first!

The Every Salve + Cream Sampler may help you with issues such as sleep, pain, infection, hormonal balance, energy, hot flashes, cuts, bruises, bites, dry skin, aging skin, digestive issues, mood management (sanity), focus, ADHD, autism, respiratory issues, diaper rash, constipation, muscles aches, cramps, pet maladies, hand sanitizing, headache, cold and flu symptoms and more.

Mix them, layer them, use them individually - your new plant based palette of therapeutic herbal salves awaits your creativity and your needs.

Product Information -

Every CW Salve + Cream Usage Guide PDF

1/4 oz travel size jars 


Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
A must

An awesome way to try the blends and they are well worth evey penny I have bought 3 and when some one tells me this or that is bothering them i like to give them one or two of what they need. But by far I love these a must!

Jamie Russo
Love these!

I bought the every cw salve box along with the baby box and so far we love them. The jetty’s blend helps w my tension headaches. The baby sleeps better with the lullaby blend in the diffuser. Hoping that a friends recommendation if putting the immune one around edges of nose helps stave off cold/flu season!

Darla Gallagher
35 Count Salve Box

I am in heaven - I love all these little pots! I am enjoying the ones I am not familiar with.

Gail M
Enjoying the salves!

I am enjoying using the salves. My favorite so far is the one for nerve pain, and the one for muscle pain. I have also used the melaleuca on an itchy spot. There are so many, I haven't had time to use them all, but I will eventually. Great buy for so many different ailments!

Tamara Sanchez
Sample box

So impressed with the samples -

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