NEW! Jeddy's Blend Soap

Each handcrafted 4 oz bar of soap contains a generous 3 ml (60 drops) of Jeddy's Blend - aromatherapy in a bar!

Jeddy's Soap is ideal for all skin types. Naturally moisturizing, our soap gently cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils, its gentle scent is welcoming, calming and deeply grounding.


Jeddy's Blend: A beautifully mellow essential oil blend that's both grounding and calming. Hundreds of Jeddy's Blend testimonials tell the story - this blend has changed lives. Our anxiety reducing blend of essential oils has touched the lives of children and their families, adults in the workplace, and college students worldwide. Jeddy's Blend has also proven to be helpful for PTSD challenges and even TMJ symptoms.

Jeddy's Blend Soap is made in small batches, cured 30+ days and handcrafted with the purest of ingredients and the truest of intentions.

Contains antimicrobial properties. 


organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, sodium hydroxide, lavender, sweet marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood, vanilla CO2, black spruce, rosewood, frankincense, blue tansy, vetiver, patchouli essential oils

4 oz vegan cold process soap 


*Keep soap in a dry environment between uses.

** Each bar of handcrafted soap is unique. The bar you purchased may not be identical to the one in the product picture but will resemble it closely.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good Soap

What can I say. Love it so soothing

Amazing soap!

Besides the amazing smell of this soap, it is a great soap. It does not dry out your skin and it rinses cleanly which in my opinion is the sign of a superior product. If you make more... I will buy them


Love it...

Jeddy’s Blend Soap

I lather this wonderful creamy soap from head to toe. Yes! Even my hair! My skin squeaks, it’s so clean and afterwards very soft skin. Such a relaxing evening and great sleep at night. Thank you Camp Wander

My calming, luxurious, meditative bathe for myself.

I use my new Jeddy’s Blend Hand Crafted, beautiful round shape bar of soap, filled with Jeddy’s Essential Oil Blend.

The scent is amazing!
Soak, was what I did.
I lightly exfoliated my body with a none scented liquid soap before using Jeddy’s blend soap, I paid special attention to the bottoms of my feet, due to the fact our our feet are like a sponge and that is one of the best ways to get essential oils in our body, our skin is our are largest organ and absorbs anything we put on it in 60 seconds. I’m rest assured that with Camp Wander Products I’m safe from Toxic ☠️ Chemicals.
I then rinsed my skin off well, then wet the Jeddy’s blend 🧼 bar soap under the shower 🚿 to lather it up, I rolled it between my hands 🙌 to get a lather going to wash myself and my feet.
It felt amazing and I smelled great! I was especially looking forward to when I was done, due to the fact I knew I was going to feel so relaxed afterward and tuck myself in for the night.

The soap did not get really sudsy, it did bubble up enough suds to glide effortlessly over every inch of my skin, for a calming meditative bathe for myself, it felt so luxurious.

I also noted that the soap 🧼 did not leave any type of residue or stickiness on my skin at all, it rinsed off effortlessly and completely leaving my skin feeling clean, fresh, moisturized and slathered with Jeddy’s blend essential oils.

I also noticed the bar soap didn’t get all mushed up either as bar soaps can do, it will last a long time.
I personally haven’t used bar soap in years, yet of course Rebecca at Camp Wander with all her great ideas changed up my mind on that one. I absolutely love the new Jeddy’s blend bar soap 🧼 and will continue to use it! I slept really well too.

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