She. Crystal Roller Blend

She! Our Goddess Blend, lovingly created with the rare and beautiful essential oil of Neroli (orange blossoms) has returned elevated and energized with Amethyst crystals and Lapis stones. 

A beautiful 10 ml Crystal Roller Blend to lift you in your journey, strengthen emotional well being and ground body systems. I combine the essence of key therapeutic essential oils with the energy of select crystals and on occasion, stones to help align and ground your spirit with the powerful intentions for health, abundance, power and mindfulness. 

Suggested Use:

 Massage into your wrists and over your heart

 Finish at your temples and behind your ears; be sure to inhale deeply the divine aroma throughout the day and into the night 

 Fall soundly asleep—or gently energize

Ingredients include:

  • Neroli essential oil - calm anxious feelings, empower personal strengths, radiate peace, skin beautifying
  • Red Mandarin essential oil - purifying, energizing, cleansing, promotes positivity and cheerfulness, calming to the nervous system
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil - protective and moisturizing
  • Amethyst Crystals - powerfully uplifting, expansive energy, elevates from low emotional frequency (sadness, pain) to a higher frequency of clarity and joy
  • Lapis Stones - symbol of royalty and honor, God and power, spirit and vision - symbol of wisdom and truth

For the weary; for the broken-hearted; for the worried, anxious, and concerned; for you, dear one, feeling lost in the middle of this ever-shifting world and the uncertainties that come with it, the very best you can do for you right now is to do something – Just. For. You. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Abbey C.
One of my favorite blends to use like perfume

The She blend smells so good! I love the floral scent and have gotten the regular oil and make my own roller blend, but with the crystals, this makes it even more special. I haven't gotten anything from Camp Wander that I didn't like or didn't work for what it is for. I recommend Camp Wander to all my co- workers when they ask why I smell good and have gotten one to be a regular customer like me.

v pleasant aromatherapy!

the She. Crystal Roller Blend is out of this world! It does have identifyable aromas, very pleasant ones! I use it multiple times per day!

Melissa Balcer
She Crystal Roller Blend - Fabulous

The aroma is lovely and does provide a calming effect.

Rena Jones
Nothing but pure excellence.

Finding Camp Wander has really changed my life! Dramatic…maybe. True? Absolutely! No more drugstore fixes for me. This is what my body deserves!

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