Peppermint Salve

Peppermint wears many hats in our lives, first and foremost, a brilliant component of the natural anti-histamine blend of equal parts Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint

Peppermint – Mentha piperita essential oil is a staple in almost all oil collections for its clever versatility. I use a rectified, Washington state grown USA Peppermint essential oil and it’s lovely.

Origin – Washington State, USA

Shelf life - approximately 18 months.



Dietary Standard, all Organic:

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Customer Reviews

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Peppermint salve

I have been using this for about a year now- love the smell! I use it mostly on my lips- it’s the best thing I’ve tried for chapped lips here in Minnesota!! I use it all year round, not just winter. I bought some for my sister and now she is hooked - thanks!

Kim Upchurch
Peppermint Salve

I was using essential oils and making my own peppermint spray, I love the salve! I have Psoriasis and get areas where the skin shows no indication of anything wrong but it starts itching and it drives me insane! I found that if I use peppermint on it, it soothes it away. The salve is easier to use and no "over spray". I do not know how or why it works but the peppermint is wonderful! Thank you!

Janet Brett
Peppermint Salve---Can't live without it!

Sinus Issues---Peppermint Salve, Tummy issues---Peppermint Salve, Throat/Respiratory issues----Peppermint Salve

Anita F.
Love it!

A great product! Love it!!

Joann Lueken
Peppermint Salve

Can’t live without it use it every day for sinuses❤️❤️

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