13 Ways to Use DIY Purify Blend

June 30, 2014

13 Ways to Use DIY Purify Blend


This blend is super versatile!  It disinfects and purifies while adding a clean, herbal, scent to anything it touches whether you're diffusing or applying topically.  It's anti-microbial properties lend a hand in the laundry room (think cloth diapers and hospital fatigues, on cutting boards and disinfecting countertops.  Yet, it's gentle enough to treat serious acne!  If you have a smoker in the house, this will be a favorite to diffuse!

15 Ways to Use DIY Purify Blend

1.  Make a Spray Bottle Protocol by adding 20 drops of DIY Purify to a 2 ounce glass bottle and filling with either water or alcohol-free witch hazel.  You've just created a sanitizer, a pain reliever, deodorant and an odor killer all in one.  Versatility deluxe!

2.  Take the sting out of stung!  Headed to the beach?  Jelly fish stings {ouch}  Camping?  Wasp and bee stings {yikes}.  DIY Purify can help relieve the itch of bites and stings just by dabbing a topical application on the area. The original blend is famous for soothing mosquito bites, big ones.  The blend works well as a repellent too applied topically or diffused.

3.  Stinky, mildewy laundry is no match for this blend.  Added 4 or 5 drops to the wash cycle or to a damp washcloth that you can throw into the dryer to take the stink away.

4.  Take on earaches with DIY Purify.  Add a drop or two to a little carrier oil and rub outside and inside of the ear every 2 hrs or as needed.  I like to keep both a digestive type and DIY Purify on hand when traveling because they treat so many different symptoms.  Carrying a few bottles vs your whole collection of essential oils is much more convenient and practical.

5.  Get rid of mold!  Spray a strong mix of 40 drops DIY Purify to 8 ounces of water on mold with good air circulation in the room, let dry.  Shake before use.

6.  Dab on tooth pain for pain relief.

7.  My girlfriend's son has had extreme allergic reactions all of his life which manifest themselves through his skin.  He can break out in big, angry welts on a regular basis. He takes a DIY Purify bath every night with several drops of the blend along with some epsom salts to emulsify the oil and add magnesium to the body.  Always be mindful of your essential oil pooling on the surface while soaking in the bath, emulsifying with epsom salts, milk or soap is always a good idea.

8.  Pet bedding can get rather rank after awhile, spritz your DIY Purify and Witch Hazel blend on bedding it will also ward off fleas!  Or, when laundering pet bedding add 4 drops to the wash cycle.


DIY Purify

9.  DIY deodorant:  One drop each of geranium and DIY Purify is a fabulous combination in either witch hazel, rosewater or added to solid coconut oil.

10.  Acne buster?  Add 10 drops of DIY Purify to one ounce of solid, organic coconut oil. Warm up the coconut oil until softened then whisk in the essential oil blend.  Wash your face then dab on problem areas morning and night.  Note: solid coconut oil has strong antibacterial properties and healthy fats that work better with your skin than using fractionated coconut oil.

11.  A Urinary Tract Infection can be treated with DIY Purify especially if caught in the early stages.  Apply 2 drops over lower abdomen every 2 hours and drink lots of water with 2 drops of Lemon EO in every glass, this step is important too. Keep this blend with you at all times because you never know when a UTI can sneak up on you. If you're anything like me, it happens away from home.

12.  If you have a bed wetter in your house you understand the lingering odor from the mattress that often takes a hit!  No worries, strip the mattress of bedding and spray a blend of DIY Purify and water on the offending spots.  Now, shake a little baking soda on top and let dry then vacuum!  Works like a charm!  Add 3 or 4 drops to the wash cycle when cleaning up after a rough night too :(

13.  EASY clean with DIY Purify and microfiber cloths, just add water.  Have you ever cleaned with microfiber cloths?  Almost a religious awakening!  Even stainless steel appliances shine up with just a damp microfiber cloth.  If you need to sanitize, add 2 or 3 drops of the blend to a bucket of warm water, swish your microfiber cloth around then wring well, really well!  Start cleaning, you'll love this new EASY clean and green #eolife!


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P.S. Special thanks to Dawn of www.thegrayarea.com for creating her amazing blend REFRESH aka: DIY Purify, I've loved it for a long time and I think you will too!