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Oregano Salve

Oregano Salve

Wise Ones Blend
Linda Thompson

Absolutely love Wise Ones Blend so up lifting and cleansing


With my RA, sometimes I have a lot of pain. Especially in my feet. Great for my hands as well. This salve has helped relieve the intense aches I get. Highly recommend

Dreamy Sleep Salve
CarolAnn Mower

Dreamy Sleep Salve

Jeddy's Blend Salve
Laura Owens

Jeddy's Blend Salve

My new FAVORITE Camp Wander product!!

This REALLY WORKS! Fresh, clean and lovely essential oil fragrance that lasts and has zero irritation! If you have "leftover" natural coconut oil deodorant sticks that weren't as effective, no need to throw them out! I use a spritz of this amazing deodorant first and then add a "sealing coat" of one of my leftovers. I'm not tossing anything in the trash and feel like I'm still getting my money's worth from the lesser products! ;) Please NEVER DISCONTINUE this deodorant - it's the BEST!!!

Hallelujah and Pass the Oregano!

Oh my goodness! It’s probably been decades since I had a UTI, and this one was no joke. It came on suddenly with localized pain and intense burning. It created vicious spasms that I can only describe as a pack of feral cats trying to hiss, scratch, and claw their way out of a box on fire! I searched online and found a camp wander post from a few years ago. I followed the topical application suggestion to rub 1/2 tsp coconut oil and 2 drops oregano oil over the belly between the naval and pubic region AM and PM until symptoms subside. By 4pm I had my plan in place and applied my first dose of oregano and coconut oil. I suggest wearing pjs or sweats, but not good clothes (or cover it with a thin cloth), because 1/2 tsp turns into about a cup and a half (kidding) while you’re slathering it on—and slather it on good!

I noticed very quickly that I began to feel warmth across my belly. Within minutes, the spasms stopped, and the discomfort continued to decrease. By bedtime the symptoms were pretty much gone, but I applied a 1/2 dose just in case. Then I slept straight through the night (I rarely do!). Today it was pretty much gone, but I had a very faint sense that it might flare up again, so I applied another full dose, and I will do this AM and PM until it shuts up for good.

I just wanted to come in and spread the word. Somebody needs to write a song about CW Oregano Oil!

Oil pulling

Works great!!! Makes my mouth feel clean.

Immunity Impact Blend
Carol Roberts
This works!

The impact immunity blend is one of my favorites. I truly believe this has kept me healthy. No colds no flu no Covid at all. I will use this forever. Thank you for all the special blends and oils. They are amazing.

Immunity Impact Salve
Connie Fornea
Love all of your salves

I used it on my feet while visiting my dad in the hospital with Covid.

Sexy Wellness Salve

Best sex lubricant on the market. Most fun with your partner......

This salve is wonderful!

I have been using my Nerve Pain & Block Salve since the day I received it (Jan 27th) and I love it. I had enbloc/capsulectomy surgery 1/3/24 (removal of 17 year old breast implants and capsules.) Some muscle repair was necessary along with sutures and lymphatic drains on each side. As I am going through the healing process I am using this salve everywhere on my chest, under arms, shoulders etc except incisions and it definitely helped calm things down. I have some numbness under my left arm so I rub this salve lightly on that areas too. Less pain and more comfort! Thank you Camp Wander <3

Allergy Ease Salve

My 1st time ordering this particular salve (have many, many others) and as always it did not disappoint. It calmed my irritated, sensitive skin very quickly. Thank you, Camp Wander for all you do to help all stay healthy.

Frankincense & Myrrh Crystal Roller Blend

I just started using this product and Will need to use it for a longer period of time for results but so far, like the way my skin feels. I am using it on eczema patches and it reduces the itching and the patches are getting smaller. So far so good!!

Align Salve
Debra Thompson
Highly recommend

I love this salve because it goes on so beautifully and I notice how much better I feel right away. I hope to never run out of it!

Soothing and calming

I ordered the salve for my 93 year-old mother who suffers from anxiety and jaw pain. It is so much easier for her to use than the oil and we have found that it helps her “Sundowner’s” symptoms in the evening when she sometimes becomes confused, anxious and agitated. Thank you Camp Wander for this miracle balm!

Your products never disappoint!

Nerve and pain block

I have been using nerve and pain place for about four years and it is remarkable!

Dreamy Sleep Salve
Angela Mattson
It works well!

Love it!

This Does Work

Yesterday after a long unusual nap, I woke up with a sore throat and nasty cold. I began to apply this salve to my feet, throat and behind my ears. The cold progressed and I felt lousy. I continued the protocol until bed. Woke up during the night and applied again. This morning I woke up much better but still feeling like garbage. I've applied every 2 hours. I can honestly say. I feel better. I will continue throughout the day. I trust these salves and the knowledge Rebecca provides.

Finger infection over 3 mos healed

I struggled with an infected finger from gardening…had a thorn in it. Used neosporin or bactine & it eent on for over 3 months eith looking like healing then going back to infection. I even did two rounds of antibiotics. Finally broke down & bought this salve & right away it started to heal! It took about a week. This stuff is great!!

Love it

I have pulmonary fibrosis and it has helped the chronic cough that goes along with it. I don’t havev to take the subscription medication anymore. It also makes my breathing easier at night. Love the salve as it’s easier to apply and not quite as strong…I love it.

Flower Water - Rose

Works for me!

As advertised!

Nerve Pain & Block Salve

I hope other customer read about the amazing benefits of this Nerve Pain Salve. My husband works with wood often have bad bruises, black and blue bumps. He immediately applied by the next day almost cleared but the most important thing he’s the pain is almost gone.