All Purpose Healing Salve

This is the original CW Healing Salve from which many variations of salve have been born! The original workhorse all purpose healing salve with so many benefits it's impossible to include them on one page. I'm proud of this product and nothing has given me more satisfaction than to receive comments almost daily on how incredible this salve is. I share the recipe on my website (I share all my recipes!) this salve is really so easy to make but for some, collecting all of the finest ingredients that I insist on using is expensive. I'm happy to be able to craft a jar for you, it's a special healing balm gentle enough for baby's diaper rash and Rover's hot spots or sunburned nose yet powerful enough to encourage healing and disinfect cuts, scrapes, burns, soothe itching skin and eczema.

Shelf life for CW All Purpose Healing Salve is approximately 8 to 10 months.

Remember, coconut oil will melt at 76 degrees, store in a cool place for best results.

Lucky you! Should this item be on back order it's usually only a 3 to 4 day delay!

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All Purpose Healing Salve


Customer Reviews

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All Purpose Healing Salve

Oh my goodness. Why did I wait so long? Wonderful for sensitive skin issues. Thank you once again Camp Wander 🙏🏻

Calms me down

I love this stuff. I gave it to everyone for christmas. My kids love it. I love it! I use it on my face every day! This is the best product Cam wander has! Definitely my top product find this year!

Like a BOSS

Camp Wander's All Purpose Healing Salve is just that - "all healing"! It's a great starter gift for essential oil newbies. Lots of peeps on our Christmas list get this super salve from us! A personal favorite for chapped hands.

Saltve Consistancy

As always, the All Purpose Salve I orders is as I expected. The shipping was fast and the pkg was minimal.


This product really helps heal skin issues.

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