Immunity Impact Blend

Also available in a KIT! Includes 10 ml essential oil blend + 10 ml organic rosehip seed oil + a 10 ml blending roller bottle.

A perfect compliment to our Immunity Impact Salve - a blend of therapeutic essential oils for your home/work diffuser.

Lucky you! Should this item be on back order it's usually only a 3 to 4 day delay!

10 ml bottle
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Customer Reviews

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Love * Love * Love!!

The title says it all ... I use this everyday and many times a day as a handsanitizer to help ward off germs. So far it has worked GREAT this winter. Thanks Camp Wander for making such superior products :)

Immunity Impact

I love using immunity impact in the diffuser, daily during the winter to ward off sickness!!

Our Winter go-to!

I work in the school system and have 3 children in school. As soon as weather starts to cool off, we start using Immunity Impact. We love the blend and the salve! I diffuse it at night in our bedrooms and we also swab our nasal openings each morning. This has helped keep us well and able to attend school/work!

Love it

I absolutely love this blend. As a mother of 3 young children, We use it often for prevention measures and also when we are coming down with something and I notice we get over stuff so much faster. This oil is a must in my home

I’m gonna go ahead and call it magic...

My mother in law got me hooked on this stuff. If I diffuse it during cold and flu season, my two toddlers stay far more healthy. I have no idea how this magic works... it just does! It smells wonderful too. Thank you for saving our butts through this season of illness, camp wander!

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