Kid Friendly Wellness Remedy Collection

October 02, 2017

Kid Friendly Wellness Remedy Collection


I receive questions daily about how to use essential oils and essential oil salves when kids are sick or there's a nasty bug going around school or at daycare to fight off. While we can't shield our littles from ever getting sick, we sure can give them a fighting chance with a healthier outcome like fewer side effects from "over the counter" cold and cough meds.

In fact, the FDA released a letter in 2017 "Most Children with a Cough or Cold Don't Need Medicines" 

I propose we keep care simple. Kids are pretty resilient human beings and usually respond very well to diffusing, topical applications on the bottoms of their feet and, even a bit of Lavender Salve under their nose - sound too simple? You'd be surprised how effective this kind of simple can be!

6 Kid Friendly Remedies 

CW HERBAL BABY BLEND - don't let the word "baby" fool you, this is a family friendly blend: Lavender, Tangerine, Spearmint, Geranium, Vanilla CO2 and a touch of Rosemary - a gentle, deliciously smelling synergy when used together all in one blend.

  • Calm
  • Ease constipation
  • Ease gas discomfort
  • Anti-microbial 

TOPICAL - Apply 1 to 2 drops Herbal Baby with a carrier salve or oil massage over abdomen every 3 hrs to assist constipation or soothe gas pains. A nice option for our elders too, the aromatics help soothe them during their discomfort.

AROMATIC - Diffuse 4 to 6 drops

CW FAMILY FRIENDLY EXPECTORANT - a multitasking blend that can be used topically with a carrier salve or oil but really shines in the diffuser. We do both at our house! Reach for this one instead of cough medication when there's a persistent lingering cough accompanying cold or flu.

  • Clear excess mucus 
  • Open airways
  • Soothe cough
  • Anti-microbial

TOPICAL - Apply 1 to 2 drops Expectorant to a carrier salve or oil massage on chest and throat every 3 hrs.

AROMATIC - Diffuse 4 to 6 drops

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CW LULLABY BLEND  - tired mamas need a safe and gentle sleep remedy that can help calm their little night owls. I'll often diffuse this blend all over the house just because I love the herbal fragrance so much!  Lavender and Marjoram

  • Sleep
  • Leg aches - AKA growing pains (Marjoram is a good option for muscle aches!)
  • Soothing night time aromatic

TOPICAL - Add 1 to 2 drops to a carrier salve or oil massage bottoms of feet before bedtime.

AROMATIC - Diffuser 4 to 6 drops


First of all, a safe, effective synergy is created when pure and potent essential oils are blended with pure, nutritious ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, rosehip seed oil and beeswax. CW Essential Oil Salves are a built in carrier that makes essential oil use much more user friendly and safe. No spills, no thrills!  See study below:

Part of the research focused on Staphylococcus aureus. In vitro studies were performed on two strains of Staphylococcus aureus and this was followed by in vivo studies in mice. The effects of monolaurin (coconut oil) and originum (oregano) when used in combination were better than the most potent antibiotic and this research showed that these safe antimicrobial agents could be useful for prevention and therapy of Staphylococcus aureus and numerous other infections.

CW IMMUNITY IMPACT SALVE - when you're looking for a safe, natural way to guard against sickness reach for this salve. Also available as a blend for diffusing!

  • Immunity boost
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-itch
  • Natural antibiotic properties 

TOPICAL - Line up the kids in the morning and apply to bottoms of feet before leaving for school or work. Remember, what goes on the skin, enters the blood stream.

CW ORIGINAL JEDDYS BLEND SALVE - for so many reasons! OJB is a tried and true blend that can improve focus at school or work, relax tense muscles (fab for TMJ!) and generally calm the nervous system. Also available in a blend for diffusing (perfect during homework).

  • Focus
  • Muscle relaxant - TMJ, stress induced muscle tightness
  • Mood management
  • Anxiety - helps to ease separation anxiety on those mornings when kids just want to stay with mom
  • Mom's helper!

TOPICAL - Apply to back of neck and over shoulders, heart and bottoms of feet as needed

CW LAVENDER SALVE - Maybe one of the most versatile salves we carry! A simple swipe of Lavender Salve under noses can create the loveliest of results! 

  • Calming
  • Sleep aid
  • Nightmare soother
  • Leg Aches - massage on little growing legs that ache at night
  • Soothes irritated noses from all that nose blowing during allergy or cold season

TOPICAL - Apply as needed.

This was a long post but one I hope you'll be able to refer back to as you raise your families. Essential oils and essential oil salves are a smart drug delivery system - according to Valerie Worwood author of The Fragrant Mind...

These smart substances can move through the body effortlessly, even passing through the interstitial fluid with ease (fluid that surrounds cells), no other known substance can do this, certainly not synthetic antibiotics. Essential oils are the perfect drug delivery system, it's as if they know where they're needed.  And because their chemical composition changes due to natural cycles like weather and harvest, the natural world prevents bacteria from becoming resistant.

Here's more good news:  you don't need to swallow essential oils to reap their benefits. Simply smoothing them on your skin will deliver the complex chemical compounds directly into your bloodstream.

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