Easy Prevention Protocol for Cold & Flu

November 30, 2014

Easy Prevention Protocol for Cold & Flu

Probably more than any other blend our IMMUNITY IMPACT is our numero uno!  It's versatile enough to protect from cold and flu bugs, it can kill a cold sore, stop an itch and mow down oral infections whether you use it oil pulling or spot application.  But it's preventative properties are worth sharing too. Here's a super easy DAILY protocol to blend up for your family and friends in the name of prevention!  

Immunity Impact is gentle enough to use every day, even for young kids and babies. Give the gift that keeps on giving, especially to those who are either unknowing or doubtful about essential oils, they just may see the light after jumping in. Explain to your "newbs" that it's simple, versatile, preventative and, all kinds of amazing if you can get someone to massage it on your feet for you! Calling all Parents, this protocol can create a fun, healthy family tradition every night just before bedtime.  Line up the kiddos for a relaxing foot massage every night, boost their immunity and get the following benefits too...

If you break most protective type blends down, this is what you're getting with a daily dose!

Lavender:  has the profound ability to relax body and mind, restore tissue, relieve pain, purify the air, sanitize hands, smooth skin, soften hair, level blood sugar, ease allergy symptoms and help tired souls sleep.

Cinnamon Bark:  can help level blood sugar, may improve blood circulation, may help prevent heart disease, ease menstrual pain, may help in destroying germs in the gall bladder and the bacteria present in staph infections.

Rosemary: Especially helpful for sprains and strains, arthritis, respiratory infection and congestion relief, circulation stimulation, especially helpful for REYNAUDS disease to stimulate circulation.

Eucalyptus: Great for respiratory issues and this bonus: if you're experiencing joint and muscle pain, massaging Eucalyptus on the surface of the skin helps to relieve stress and pain. The volatile oil of Eucalyptus is analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature.

Clove:  Useful for boosting the immune system. Its antiviral properties and ability to purify the blood, increase resistance to disease because the antioxidants in clove essential oil scavenge the body of dangerous free radicals that cause a multitude of diseases like heart disease and certain types of cancer.  AND: Clove essential oil is an aphrodisiac in nature, serving as an excellent stress reliever. It has a stimulating effect on the mind and can reduce mental exhaustion and fatigue. When ingested in moderation (dietary standard only), it refreshes the mind and stimulates brain function. Clove oil also induces sleep and is helpful to people suffering from insomnia and with neural disorders like memory loss, depression and anxiety.  Do you L O V E Clove yet?

Lemon:  Lemon essential oil stimulates white blood cells, thus increasing your ability to fight off diseases. Lemon also improves circulation throughout the body. Health benefits of Lemon include providing relief from sleeplessness. Using lemon oil ensures good sleep and helps people that suffer from insomnia. It's soothing to the stomach, quelling nausea.  Contrary to popular belief, Lemon essential oil isn't acidic at all because it's not the juice of a lemon, it's derived by cold pressing the rind!  


Here you have yet another easy, effective everyday protocol to keep the Cold and Flu season from your door.  The EO Life doesn't have to be complicated, intimidating or overwhelming!  Start with simple, pure remedies like this and ease your way on your new journey to trade synthetic medicine for a more purely effective choice.


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