Keep Off Bug Blend

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Includes 2 oz spray bottle of sustainable, non GMO alcohol that evaporates quickly leaving key essential oils on your skin to repel insects safely. 

Looking for a safe and natural bug repellent? Here's what's in it...

Lemongrass - It's good stuff in a bug repellent or on a sore knee. 

Clove Bud Extra - lovely, spicy Clove (FYI - we love that men love the warm, spicy smell of this blend). According to research,"Clove oil gave the longest duration of 100% repellency (2 to 4 hours) against all three species of mosquito."  

Peppermint - a good choice to ward off spiders and mice, you can bet it's in my bug repellent blend!

Turmeric CO2 - well known natural insecticide used worldwide in bug repellents and crop pest control.

To create your own spray bottle blend - this is what you'll need:

  • 2 oz glass spray bottle
  • 85 drops Keep Off Bug Repellent Blend
  • Carrier oil 

For topical and aromatic use.

10 ml bottle
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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
R Reed

Works & smells great!

Wendy Higgins
Wasp Queen

I have been an attractant for all biting insects for most of my life. Tried diet changes, herbal and vitamin supplements but still got stung/bit/eaten. With Keep Off I have gone 2 summers with no wasp stings and only a half dozen no-see-um bites. I won't go without this stuff ever again! Highly recommend it. It smells nice and works great, and I can use it full strength directly on my skin.

Sarah Budish
Wouldn't be without it

This amazing blend has made it possible for us to sit out on our back porch again. Certain times of the year the mosquitoes are relentless, but this blend keeps them at bay. I'm very thankful to have this in my arsenal when we go camping as well.


Spent 4 hours outside and not one bite! Saw plenty of ants, mosquitoes and wasps but they all kept their distance!

Brenda Skorcz
Keep off bug

I hate bug bites! This stuff works great! I will be getting more!

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