Back to School With Essential Oils!

August 11, 2014

Back to School With Essential Oils!


So much for the carefree days of summer, it's time to buckle down and hit the books. New pencils, notebooks and backpacks are the best! But the anxiety of new schedules, teachers and routines, not so much.

There's no time like the present to make some school year resolutions to help everyone check anxiety at the door, say goodbye to grumpy mornings and run a happy, healthy, smartypants household.

What parent wouldn't like to know how to promote better focus, retention, happy mornings and relaxed evenings? And, just as important, how to keep your kids well and resistant to all the viruses and bacteria that congregate in schools. This goes for anybody going back to students included!

School Morning Routine


Rousting kids out of bed to get ready for school can be challenging to say the least. Before you start yelling, try this! To a spray bottle, add 20 drops of Wild Orange and 20 drops Lavender per one cup of water. Waltz in and spray a fine mist into the bedroom to awaken their sleepy heads! Or, put a plug-in timer on their diffuser and set for wake up. Use the same blend and add 4 drops of each. I love this blend! It's bright with calming properties, a nice balance of aromatics to wake up to.



When school starts, immunity protection is a must and if you're consistent, you'll reap the benefits! If anyone in the house is fighting sickness or there's a bug making the rounds at school, grab a roller bottle (for convenience) of Impact Immunity Salve and apply to everyone's feet before they leave the house! Why the feet?

The bottoms of your feet have the largest pores, essentials oils can penetrate the bloodstream quickly via the feet. Impact Immunity Blend includes: Lemon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary and Lavender. This protective blend helps to ward off colds and flu - in my book it's a must in every home and classroom. My kids use it for their littles ones, the grands are being raised up without antibiotics whenever possible. The essential oil blend can be applied topically, ingested (2 to 3 drops) or diffused. Remember it's a hot blend because of the Cinnamon Bark and Clove, use a carrier oil for topical application like Naked Salve or coconut oil.

PRO TIP - Diffuse Impact Immunity Blend when there's illness in the house, I can't recommend this strongly enough! I believe this blend has singlehandedly saved our family missed school and work, and a lot of money at the doctor's office.



Every parent needs to know there are natural alternatives available for ADD/ADHD and anxiety for children and adults. One of the most famous alternatives to prescription meds is a blend called Original Jeddy's Blend Salve. For 110 testimonials on how parents and adults are using this blend please go here to learn more!

Original Jeddy's Blend Salve should be applied topically. Apply the salve on the bottom of feet covering the underside of toes too. Another important area for application is the base of the brain stem. Apply every morning and as needed during the day.

After school Routine


Shortly before the school day is over start diffusing various oils depending on the situation you're dealing with.

If you're fighting sickness, diffuse Immunity Impact Blend. If your routine is to get homework done first thing, diffuse Peppermint and Wild Orange to keep their minds stimulated and alert. Diffusers emit a fine mist of EOs with water, fine enough to be inhaled. I recommend keeping at least one in your home!

Night- time Routine


Begin a new tradition this school year, I'm pretty sure your kids big and small will love it! Right before bedtime have them sit next to each other on the sofa, stairs or floor and present you with their bare feet...anywhere that makes rolling their feet convenient for you. Roll on whichever pure oil you choose, Lullaby Bedtime Salve would be a good sleepy time blend applied with a quick foot massage! They'll be sawing ZZZZZ"s in no time.

You can also diffuse at bedtime, especially is someone is congested and needs a respiratory blend like CW Airway to clear airways. Once again, if warding off illness, you can layer Impact Immunity Blend with a layer of Lavender on big and little feet at bedtime for a restful night too. Remember essential oils are HIGHLY concentrated, a drop or two is all that's needed for most any use.

Keep in mind that essential oils are all of these: medicinal, cleaning agents, aromatic, disinfectant, purifiers, pain relievers, mood enhancers all wrapped up in a small glass bottle or jar. They're the most well-rounded bargain around! This may seem like a lot of information if you're new to EOs but it's natural to feel overwhelmed in the beginning. Thankfully, there's no time like the present to jump in and begin your family's new journey of wellness and the start of the new school year is a perfect time!! Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, I know it's hard to relearn and reprogram your thinking...but your family is worth your efforts. Learning about and using essential oils to help your family cope during the school year, be well and live in a clean and green home is within your reach!

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