Airway Respiratory Blend

Airway is a respiratory blend of a very special nature. We chose to include the wonderful cineol rich essential oil, Ravintsara. The aroma is similar to eucalyptus, but there's actually no camphor at all. It's the cineol content that's responsible for the camphor-ish aroma. It's wonderful for colds and bronchial ailments rubbed on the back and chest or inhaled and a nice alternative for children.

This blend of therapeutic essential oils can cleanse the airways with it's anti-viral properties and soothe irritated tissues used aromatically in a diffuser or topically in a chest rub protocol. I think you'll agree that this special blend has a softness about it that other popular respiratory blends don't.

Airway Respiratory Blend is the perfect compliment to Airway Respiratory Salve.

10 ml bottle

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Customer Reviews

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Linda Moore
Love it

I have pulmonary fibrosis and it has helped the chronic cough that goes along with it. I don’t havev to take the subscription medication anymore. It also makes my breathing easier at night. Love the salve as it’s easier to apply and not quite as strong…I love it.

Airway is Amazing!

I have used Sinus buster, along with a "Thieves" type blend and other essential oils combined with jojoba on sinus areas, feet, neck, chest, etc. in a roller ball daily, since the early reports of Covid.
It worked very well, never got sick. Until tested positive and had bad cold and sore throat type symptoms in October of 2022, along with total lack of energy. Had excessive pain in cheekbone area of my face. My sister made me a roller ball of AIRWAY and carrier oil to try. Used it on all bones of my face, many times a day. Also, used on chest and back and inhaled, as recommended in Camp Wander's description of the product. For some reason, the ingredients in AIRWAY was what my body needed. Within moments, the pain in my cheekbones, especially near my nose - WAS GONE! Thank you so very much Camp Wander! I have now added it to my regimen.

Airway use

I used this with Covid. Helped my throat as ran in diffuser and salve on chest and in nose.
Helped my daughter with her respiratory as she has asthma
Recommend definitely for anything breathing related or hard to kick illnesses.

Lori L

I have been using this blend for years and absolutely love it.

Amy B.
Just what I needed

I love this blend! Having acute bronchitis recently, I put this salve on my throat, heart and chest and it helped me turn the corner. I love this blend and it is top on my list!

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