25 Essential Oil Recipes To Write Down

June 24, 2024

25 Essential Oil Recipes To Write Down


I love a list! Many of us have been using essential oils for a long time now, why don't we come together and share our "stuff" so that any newbies "wandering" by can learn from our experience. Please feel free to add your own suggestions for EO Journal entries in the comments sections below!

1. Got hiccups?  Dab some Peppermint on the back of your neck, a little on each side of the spinal cord.

2. Runny nose?  Swipe a drop of Lemon down each side of the nose to dry it up. Stay out of the sun afterwards to avoid sunburn. 

3. Drowsy in the afternoon?  Combine Peppermint and Wild Orange, apply to the back of the neck, next inhale the oil left on your hands! Love this!

4. Itchy, irritated eyes?  Dab Lavender with a bit of carrier oil on the facial bones surrounding your eyes (careful to keep oil away from eyes). If applying to children, make sure they don't rub their eyes until oil is absorbed.

5. Allergies?  Mix up equal parts of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint ~ nature's anti-histamine or purchase our pre-blended LLP Antihistamine Blend! Apply to bottom's of feet morning and night. Diffuse if possible.

6. Ear Ache/Infection?  Combine 2 drops Basil and Lavender with a little carrier oil and rub around the rim of ear, behind ear and just inside. Apply several times a day. Never drop essential oils into the ear.

7. Trouble breathing?  Due to congestion or asthma? Apply CW Airway Respiratory Blend or Airway Salve on chest, then cup one hand against palm with residual blend on it ~ creating an "inhaler" ~ and suck the vapors from palm into chest for quick relief. 

8. Bad breath?  A drop of Peppermint on your tongue and you're kissable fresh again!

9. To freshen laundry?  Add a few drops of CW Deep Clean onto a clean rag and toss into the dryer with wet laundry.

10. Smelly carpet?  Add 15 drops of CW Deep Clean to a cup of baking soda or cornstarch, mix well and let sit for a day. Sprinkle on carpet, let sit for an hour and vacuum the stink away!

11. Athlete's foot?  CW Muscle Ease with Lavender, Peppermint and Lemongrass works wonders! Apply neat to affected areas twice a day.

12. Toe fungus?  Melaleuca to the rescue again! Use neat, dab affected toe with saturated q-tip applying to the surface of toenail morning and night.

13. Unsightly warts or skin tags?  Apply morning and night. If using Oregano, use a Qtip to dab one drop of on affected area...this will give you good control of application. Oregano is a hot oil so you won't want to spread it around. Skin tags should fall off in a couple of weeks, you'll be impressed! For kids: Frankincense works wonderfully too! Apply morning and night and don't cover with a bandaid, it's important to let the area breathe. Also, it's convenient to put the EO in a roll-on bottle so kids can apply themselves...they like taking charge :)

14. Cellulite Woes?   Pour a bottle of Grapefruit into a 4 oz. bottle of CW Organic Rosehip Seed Carrier Oil and rub into problem areas after shower or bath. You'll smell divine and your skin will be so soft!

15. Diaper Rash?  CW Herbal Baby Salve! This gentle healer can tackle skin rashes, cradle cap and troubled tummies.

16. Sanitizing Wipes:  Make your own, or add Lemon and Lavender (or EOs of choice) to store bought baby wipes. Remove wipes from container, squeeze out excess moisture and let dry out a few hours. Slowly add alcohol free Witch Hazel with 6 drops each of Lavender and Lemon added and pour over wrung out or dried out store bought wipes. Save those dried up wipes, its easy!

17. Dogs w/ Fleas?  Drip a couple drops of Lemongrass on back of collar. Or, tie a bandanna with a few drops around your dogs neck and watch fleas flee! 

18. Dog's w/ Ear Infection or Hot Spot?  All Purpose Healing Salve on a cotton ball, wipe inside of ear several times a day.

19. Dog w/ Sunburned Nose?   Apply a little All Purpose Healing Salve on his honker.

20. Muscle Ache?  Apply Muscle Ease Salve or Blend to area of discomfort, add a drop of Birch or Wintergreen for extra strength.

21. Healthy home fragrance?  Add a few drops of your favorite EOs to a diffuser, one of the least expensive additions to your home's health.

22. Mice?  Place cotton balls with Peppermint in problem areas 23. Fever? A few drops of Peppermint mixed with a carrier oil and applied to the torso can drop body temp 3 degrees in minutes!

24. Burns?  A drop of Lavender or St John's Wort will immediately stop the pain and tissue damage.

25. Heartburn?  A couple drops of Digest Ease in a small glass of milk or almond will knock out heartburn.