Ravintsara - Cinnamomum camphora essential oil might be new to many of you but it's an essential oil you want to get acquainted with. The AH HA moment for me came when I learned that Ravintsara is perhaps a gentler option for small children than Eucalyptus if this is a concern for you. It's also less irritating to the skin than Ravansara, another wonderful option for breathing difficulty and viral infections. In fact, because of Ravintsara's kid friendly profile, it's a good choice for naturally safe, children's hand sanitizer which parents should embrace and schools encourage.

Ravintsara is anti-microbial and supportive to nerves and the respiratory system, particularly useful for pneumonia. It's clarifying and stimulating and feels wonderful to sinuses when inhaled from a steamy mug of hot water.

For now, I carry only Ravintsara essential oil but both Ravintsara and Ravensara essential oils are used in the popular CW Respiratory Salve, AIRWAY and AIRWAY essential oil blend for diffusing and more.

Important sidenote - Pain relief for Shingles is another benefit of Ravintsara, Ravansara and mint, our friend AIRWAY containing both EOs and more may find an additional use as a topical pain reliever for this painful herpes virus.

External Use

Size and Origin

10 ml pure therapeutic essential oil

Origin - Madagascar

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Customer Reviews

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Carol Roberts
A great product!

I love everything I get from Camp Wander and more than anything I love what I am learning to help keep my house healthy and happy. Thank you !

Like a Booster Shot!

Camp Wander Ravintsara is a real boost to my system when I get hit with sinus infection or cough or cold symptoms. Such a wonderful scent to diffuse alone or with lavender & vetiver at night.

Jennifer Pecci
Authentic smell

It smells like true and authentic Ravintsara. It only takes a few drops to get the affect and smell. I love how it opens my senses and helps with my breathing. So many healthy uses for respiratory.

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