Rose Otto in Rosehip Seed Oil

We just made pure Bulgarian Rose Otto affordable by blending 4 drops of this rare oil in 10 ml of organic Rosehip Seed Oil creating a potent, synergistic blend:

  • +Roll on cheekbones, dab around eyes to sooth and nourish
  • + Soften lips and fine lips lines with Rose oil synergy
  • + Roll on wrists and base of neck, the fragrance is instant bliss!
  • + Customize, create your own blends with ROSE!
  • + Luxe first-aid healing stick

Dietary Standard

Lucky you! Should this CW product be on back order, we should have it shipped to you within 3-4 days.

Size and Origin

10 ml bottle

Origin: Bulgaria

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Ah, this roller ball bottle of rose otto in rosehip seed oil is divine! High quality at a nice price. I put a few swipes on my neck and inner wrists for a divine scent, and also on and around my lips for a luxurious lip balm and to keep lines around them at bay. Highly recommend this!

Like a BOSS

Such a peaceful smell - it touches my soul! Best quality and price! Thanks & Happy Trails!

It's a WINNER!!

I have been using CW products since 2015. Rose Otto in Rosehip Oil ever since. It's worth the price. I have tried other brands of oil and I keep coming back. I never leave the house without it. Lips, cheeks and hands benefit. The roller ball is sheer genius. I might add that CW was using way before other brands were.

Rose otto in hip seed oil

All your products are so lovely! Thank you!

In love 😍 I

Love this product and use it as a moisturizer!

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