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Night Time Sinus Pain Relief

July 10, 201523 Comments

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If you suffer with uncomfortable sinus issues here's an easy, natural alternative to try while you sleep. Nightly use may encourage healing and provide some relief from sinus pain and even ease snoring. This is a super easy protocol that that includes a nice respiratory blend of therapeutic EOs: CW's Airway Respiratory Blend with Ravintsara, Spearmint, Himalayan Wintergreen, Ravensara, Lime, Helichrysum and Peppermint and, a cold vapor, ultrasonic diffuser

I know, I know, if you don't have a Diffuser you might be feeling defeated but don't throw in the towel just yet!  Give some serious thought to bringing a diffuser into your life, I don't think you'll ever regret it!  My diffusers run every day, at home, in the camp trailer, hotels and anywhere we roam because diffusing is the simplest way to get the benefits of essential oils, including purifying the air you breathe. Remember, AROMAtherapy is a proven therapy.

Easing sinus pain can be as simple as adding water and 8 to 10 drops {14 to 16 drops for 8 hr run time diffusers} of this particular blend in a diffuser near your bed, turning it on and going to sleep. This protocol done nightly can be a consistent, but gentle application of anti-viral essential oils to breathe into passages where infection may reside.  Consistency is always important when you're using essential oils, they're processed rather quickly. Just in case you're wondering if your bed partner is going to mind, I have friends that follow this protocol nightly and their partner loves it too!  

There's something about Airway Respiratory Blend; your airways open (easing snoring), the air smells all kinds of wonderful and, TA DA you're breathing in clean air courtesy of the anti-microbial essential oil vapor floating about!  

Put your ultrasonic diffuser to work in the daytime too.  Switch up the EOs and manage moods with EO Blends like equal parts Lavender and Patchouli or, Lavender and Lemon, whatever speaks to you.  Diffuse an immunity boosting blend like a CW Lavender Thieves Blend to keep the household well especially when one person and sick and everyone else in the house needs a good preventative!  Love to cook? Diffuse Lemon when fish or cauliflower are on the menu!  Of course, I could go on and on about the benefits of diffusing essential oils wherever you wander! Airway  

Diffusing essential oils changes the chemistry of odor to eliminate, not mask the odor.

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Maureen OConnor

May 10, 2017 at 11:49am

In the summer I run my ceiling fan at night. I have noticed the mist from the diffuser gets blown around from the fan. Will I still get the benefits from the diffuser even though it’s getting blown away!!??


May 10, 2017 at 11:49am

I sleep with a CPAP, how can I get the benefits of the EOs and diffuser at night? Please advise. Thanks

Ann W. .

May 10, 2017 at 11:49am

Please comment on using this in a diffuser when you have cats. I have read both good and bad using essential oils around cats. If it is not advisable, can this blend be used as an inhaler?


May 10, 2017 at 11:49am

A C-Pap machine? If so, I know people who add a drop or two of Respire to their C-pap. This is something you might want to research further or ask your doctor about. This is what was shared with me: “What many people do to combine CPAP therapy and aroma therapy is to soak a small piece of fabric in the oil and set it next to the air intake of the machine. This is better because there is no way that it can damage the machine and the scent of the oil can be easily changed based on changing preference.”


May 10, 2017 at 11:49am

No, a diffuser doesn’t increase the humidity enough to be noticeable. The output is a wisp of moisture, just enough to carry minute particles of essential oils into the air.

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