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Patchouli - Pogostemon cablin is one of those love it or hate it aromas, I happen to be a lover of Patchouli, it speaks to my inner flower child. For those of you not so fond of this essential oil don't be too quick to judge by fragrance alone because Patchouli essential oil is a powerhouse of healing and holistic skincare potential. Patchouli is an antidepressant, aphrodisiac, fever reducer, anti-inflammatory especially if the inflammation is due to fever, antiseptic, prevents scarring, a sedative and a lovely essential oil for anyone challenged with eczema and psoriasis especially combined with Geranium.

The combination of Patchouli and Geranium blended with Rosehip Seed Oil or Hemp Seed Oil is an especially soothing topical serum for the elderly who often have very thin skin that bruises and tears easily.

If you're looking for a romantic diffuser combination try 2 drops Patchouli with 8 drops Lavender.

Origin - Indonesia

Dietary Standard

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10 ml pure therapeutic essential oil

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