13 Anti-Fungal Necessities

March 28, 2014

13 Anti-Fungal Necessities

Why do we need antimicrobial properties in our first aid kits and medicine cabinets? Science Daily: Currently, there are relatively few types of anti-fungal drugs to treat infections and those that are available often have side effects.  The rise of resistant strains of bacteria, fungi and viruses has become a widespread problem because of overused antibiotics.  

Time and time again, medical science keeps bumping into the truth that pure essential oils have benefits that drugs can't duplicate. If more people knew the truth how about how much easier it is to maintain wellness naturally without the "help" of pharmaceuticals we would be a much healthier society today - in my humble opinion (shouting this in my head!). Okay, let's talk about which EOs have marvelous anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties and what some of their additional benefits are...

EQUILIBRIUM Blend  ~  Physical and emotional stimulant that gets the blood and mind going, improves circulation (massage topically), supports digestive system, diffuse to reduce drowsiness.

CINNAMON BARK ~  Cinnamon is a hot oil should use with caution. Anti-inflammatory, levels blood sugar, effective against Staph infections, mouth freshener, digestive, curbs cravings.

COLD & FLU EASE + IMMUNITY IMPACT  ~  Antimicrobial, preventative, protective, natural antibiotic properties, diffuse to clear air of airborne pathogens

CLOVE  ~  Clove is a strong oil and should be used with caution, natural numbing agent, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, control nausea by inhalation, levels blood sugar, slow macular degeneration.

DIGEST EASE  ~  Analgesic (pain reliever), spasmodic cramp relief, digestive, deodorant.

GERANIUM  ~  Astringent, diuretic, prevents microbes from developing on wounds allowing body to focus on internal challenges, a styptic (stops bleeding) speeds coagulation, encourages cell regeneration, tonic, dewormer.

LAVENDER  ~  Lethal to skin pathogenic strains (dermatophytes, candida/thrush), important oil for immunocompromised such as chemo, transplant or AIDS patients, boosts immunity, calming agent, analgesic, effective for lice

LEMONGRASS  ~  Analgesic, useful for tendon/muscle/plantar fasciitis aches and pains, inhibitor of bacterial growth external and internal, reduce dangerously high fever, prevents intestinal gas, increase perspiration, sedative.

MELALEUCA  ~  Cure-all reputation, effective for dangerous microbial infections, capable of rupturing casing/cyst that protects virus from antibiotics, promotes absorption of nutrients, inhibits fungal growth, faster healing.

OREGANO  ~  Oregano is a hot oil use with caution. Expectorant, natural antimicrobial (works well in tandem with Melaleuca to target viruses), kills parasites (Giardia effective), repel bed bugs, neutralizes free radicals, allergy relief, pain killer, use in moderation.

PATCHOULI  ~  Insecticidal, a repellent, reduce inflammation from fever, reduces fever, antidepressant, protects wounds from becoming septic, speeds healing and reduces scarring, sedative, effective for eczema and psoriasis.

ROSEMARY  ~  Digestive, promotes hair growth, reduces symptoms of herpes virus, respiratory/bronchial, beneficial soak for arthritis and muscle ache, reduces cortisol levels, immunity booster.

THYME  ~  Antispasmodic, diuretic and stimulant - removes toxins (uric acid) and stimulates circulation simultaneously which is beneficial for arthritis, gout and rheumatism, cough suppressant, excellent for heart health.  



As you can see with just a few PURE essential oils and blends you have a well rounded and highly effective first aid kit in a few small bottles. Keep in mind, giving emergency preparedness considerable thought is always an intelligent choice for our families. Many have experienced damaging weather conditions as Mother Nature has been very active in recent years. Our health care system is changing and some may of us may find ourselves changing with it.  

The truth of the matter is that none of us are exempt from being without medical or dental care in times of an emergency. I encourage you to start using pure essential oils in the present, not only are they good for your health, cost effective and efficient but, using and learning about them now is the best kind of preparedness should the road get bumpy in the future. A friend of mine offered great insight the other day which prompted this blog post, should you have to leave your home in an emergency - carrying a small assortment of essential oils can replace anti-septics like rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, betadine, OTC medications, bandages, stockpile of prescription drugs even.  

All I ask is that you give emergency preparedness serious consideration and learn about the long term benefits of pure essential oils now, there's no time like the present!