Oregano - Origanum vulgare essential oil is one of nature's strongest antibiotics. This is another essential oil that I feel strongly should be in every home and first aid kit. Antibiotic resistance is real and becoming more of a threat every day, learn how to use this oil and respect its heat, don't let it intimidate you. I use Oregano Essential Oil Salve almost exclusively now for this reason, to protect the skin from burn. The salve is very potent as well, but it's tempered by organic coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, rosehip seed oil and vitamin e oil and there's no chance of spilling it.

That said, I use the essential oil in liquid form too. One of the most popular uses for Oregano at my house is the Sinus Buster protocol with Oregano, Melaleuca, Peppermint and Lemon. Oh baby, this one will bring tears to your eyes but it's been reliable protocol over and over again. Add 3 drops each of the four essential oils mentioned to a mug of hot water. Steady yourself and your mug, get close to the steam and breathe it in. Start cautiously because the steam will be potent, breathe the steam in deeply several times. As the water begins to cool, don't waste it, diffuse it!

I also oil pull with 2 drops of Oregano once a week. It's not hot combined with coconut oil but I'm careful not to drip any on my lip. If it happens I rub some coconut oil on the spot and all is well. Oil breaks up oil. Remember this! Water will only move away from essential oil - reach for a vegetable based oil should you get essential oil in a place that it shouldn't be in like an eye.

Dietary Standard

Size and Origin

10 ml pure therapeutic essential oil

Origin - Turkey

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Karen Hammond
Oregano salve for the win!

I had a skin infection and was using oregano EO mixed with coconut oil at first. Didn’t use enough carrier oil one time and seriously burned my skin. While letting it heal I ordered CW oregano salve. No harm my skin and the infection is totally cleared up.

Hallelujah and Pass the Oregano!

Oh my goodness! It’s probably been decades since I had a UTI, and this one was no joke. It came on suddenly with localized pain and intense burning. It created vicious spasms that I can only describe as a pack of feral cats trying to hiss, scratch, and claw their way out of a box on fire! I searched online and found a camp wander post from a few years ago. I followed the topical application suggestion to rub 1/2 tsp coconut oil and 2 drops oregano oil over the belly between the naval and pubic region AM and PM until symptoms subside. By 4pm I had my plan in place and applied my first dose of oregano and coconut oil. I suggest wearing pjs or sweats, but not good clothes (or cover it with a thin cloth), because 1/2 tsp turns into about a cup and a half (kidding) while you’re slathering it on—and slather it on good!

I noticed very quickly that I began to feel warmth across my belly. Within minutes, the spasms stopped, and the discomfort continued to decrease. By bedtime the symptoms were pretty much gone, but I applied a 1/2 dose just in case. Then I slept straight through the night (I rarely do!). Today it was pretty much gone, but I had a very faint sense that it might flare up again, so I applied another full dose, and I will do this AM and PM until it shuts up for good.

I just wanted to come in and spread the word. Somebody needs to write a song about CW Oregano Oil!

Ruth Buttke
Oregano for colds?

Yes, helps with colds, especially when filing the air with its sense. Sleeping or awake, makes me feel better.

Should always have on hand

My daughter has been battling MRSA for almost a year now when medical treatment have failed, I have made her the poultice and also the salve.
(From Camp Wander recipe)
It helped, it healed, but do to her stress she still continues to have MRSA.
We haven't tried the capsule form or digestive.
Also I would like to thank you Rebecca.
You need to make a book from you blog ! You have so much to offer. I do believe others feel the same I would definitely buy just throwing it out there.

Always look forward to these products.

Very best quality, fast shipping time. Cannot say enough good things about Camp Wander.

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