Stop Antibiotic Resistance, Hug Your Oregano Oil

February 02, 2014

Stop Antibiotic Resistance, Hug Your Oregano Oil


The threat of Antibiotic Resistance is real.  The "clear and present" danger now threatens the health of anyone who buys food.  MRSA bacteria can be found in the meat case in supermarkets all across the country, fact!   After reading this report; Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States, 2013 from the Center for Disease Control in Washington, I'll forever look at my essential oils differently.  Yes, I'm hugging my anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal essential oils and feeling very grateful that I know how to use them. When you walk into your local grocery and consider buying meat, remember this fact... "80 percent of the antibiotics used in the United States are fed to livestock. Theirs is a diet laced with low “subtherapeutic” doses of antibiotics, not to cure illness but to make the animals grow faster and survive cramped living conditions. The low doses kill many bacteria, but some develop mutations that make them immune to the same drugs that once destroyed them."  From the article:  What's Causing the Rise in Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria. What can you do about this?  Buy only organic, grass fed meats, it's time to know where your food comes from.  No longer can we trust blindly that our health is a concern, this is our responsibility now. cdc antibiotic

Antibiotic resistance can happen anywhere.  Data shows that most happen in the general community; however, most all deaths related to antibiotic resistance happen in health care settings like hospitals and nursing homes.  According to the CDC report, "bacteria will inevitably find ways of resisting the antibiotics we develop, which is why aggressive action is needed now to keep new resistance from developing and to prevent the resistance that already exists from spreading."  While antibiotics changed the face of medicine, saving many lives since the 1940s, overuse and irresponsible agricultural use has crippled their effectiveness.  Unless monstrous efforts are made and more sophisticated antibiotics are developed, the situation is bleak. This is where I shout from the rooftops (my blog) "learn about natural alternatives" please, please please!  Not only can pure essential oils outsmart "superbugs" with their complex chemistry, the compounds of an essential oil are so special, scientists have never been able to replicate them, much to their chagrin.  Nature holds all the answers and always has, I'm convinced of it. How-Antibiotic-Resistance-Happens

The way healthcare is changing we'd be smart to acquaint ourselves with "old medicine" like essential oils.  Pure essential oils with anti-viral properties like Oregano can enter the bloodstream, penetrate the cell membrane and attack the virus, this is scientific fact.  Synthetic pharmaceutical antibiotics are unable to do this.  Pure essential oils do not kill the good bacteria that protect our bodies from infection as pharmaceuticals do.  In my opinion we're very fortunate in this day and age to have the accessibility of powerful essential oils available to us without having to forage in the forest.   I so love my clean blue glass EO bottles delivered to my doorstep, I'll always be grateful for this convenience while it lasts. I hope your eyes have been opened to the tenuous situation we find ourselves in.  As I said before, it's now up to us to fight for the health of our families. This will include research on your part but as always, I'm here to help however I can.  Learn how to use pure essential oils in times of peace and health so you're well poised to lean on your knowledge should the situation worsen.  Choose clean, organic food.  Make a statement and take a stand  every time you buy food for your family.  I love this comment from a  Mom who lost her 18 month old son to MRSA:


“When I shop for food, I always try to remember what one consumer advocate in Washington told me,” Macario said. “Congress and big agricultural interests are scared to death of moms.”

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