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Fight Crypto, the Water Park Parasite

June 16, 2016

Fight Crypto, the Water Park Parasite


It's not a pleasant thought or subject but it's your reality if you're spending the summer at a public pool or cooling off at your local water park (splash parks too). Be better prepared with some basic information like what you can do to minimize uncomfortable symptoms brought to you by the cryptosporidium "crypto" parasite. First, Cryptosporidium 101 This is a microscopic parasite that according to the CDC can survive chlorine and well maintained pools from several hours to several days. All it takes is a swallow of contaminated water and your chance of prolonged diarrhea increases greatly, especially in young children, pregnant women and weakened immune systems. Crypto is spread by swallowing water contaminated by watery feces infected with Crypto. Water contamination is more common than you think. People swim, people use the restroom then jump back in and swim some more. Toddlers wearing swim diapers, poor hygiene in the restroom or changing diapers can all be perilous by the pool. Often, even the most conscientious mommas take the kids to the pool unaware that the bout of diarrhea junior had last night was caused by the Cryptosporidium parasite and not that movie popcorn. The cycle continues. Ignorance isn't bliss in this case!



Symptom Relief

Personally, if I suspected a parasite after learning about the symptoms I would be proactive and use an essential blend to soothe intestinal discomforts along with an anti-parasitic essential oil, namely Oregano to go after the parasite. I've battled Giardia and I don't have any hesitation in suggesting Oregano to fight a parasite, in my experience it's fast acting and effective. CW Oregano Salve or CW Oregano Essential Oil - anti-parasitic, topical application. 1/4 teaspoon CW Oregano Salve in navel morning and night for one week. OR, 1 drop of Oregano essential oil in 1/4 teaspoon carrier - my Naked Salve would be an optimal choice for this hot oil. I swear by CW Oregano Salve, it cuts the HOT in Oregano because it's diluted with a pure salve base of organic, unrefined coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, rosehip seed oil and non-gmo Kosher vitamin e to protect the skin and lend their own healing benefits. CW Oregano Salve is easier to handle and tailor made for the Navel Protocol, my go-to usage for anything parasitic related or gastrointestinal. CW Digest Ease Salve or Essential Oil Blend - topical application 1/2 teaspoon of CW Digest East Salve massaged over tummy as needed for relief. OR, 2 drops of Digest Ease Blend in 1/2 teaspoon carrier - again, Naked Salve is good choice for it's additional skincare benefits. Of course I'm biased but, I'm impressed with Digest Ease, a gastrointestinal soothing blend of spearmint, fennel, blue chamomile (anti-inflammatory, liver support), ginger, lemon and myrrh. Important to note: pay close attention to proper hydration when diarrhea is present - be especially vigilant with little ones, the elderly and immuno-compromised. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist longer than typical (see link below). Rather than getting too graphic in this post, I happily point you in the direction of the CDC website to learn more about the parasite, the contagious factor and what you can do to stop the spread of the country's leading cause of water borne disease!




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