Better than a Flu Shot Diffuser Blend

August 12, 2014


Obviously, I'm not a big fan of flu shots because I know there's a better way to ward off cold and flu without side effects {like getting the flu!}. Our bodies will respond more effectively to a natural alternative like essential oils because our biochemistry is so very similar. Did you know that an essential oil can have up to 500 natural chemical compounds whereas a synthetic pharmaceutical has 6 to 8? Why not try a diffuser blend to ward off the flu? Those of us who embrace natural chemistry as a first choice over modern medicine already know that there are particular essential oils with impressively strong anti-biotic properties. Oregano is first and foremost according to my knowledge along with a tried and true blend of essential oils referred to as a Thieves or Robber Blend.  



This blend is still a highly regarded natural alternative worldwide, but the blend I prefer is my Immunity Impact Blend with Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender.  Each EO is anti-infectious in their own right and a force to be reckoned with together. Moving on, I'm intrigued bordering on obsessed with Oregano, the pure stuff!  There is much to learn about this essential oil and I'm pretty sure big pharma would pay billions to figure out how to replicate it. Case in point, one particular study showed that a 1% dilution of pure Oregano essential oil killed NINE fungi, a 1% dilution! Not only that, it gets better! One very unique compound found in Oregano sourced from Greece and Turkey is high amounts of Carvacrol. In a one-quarter of one percent solution of Carvacrol alone, all nine fungi were still killed dead as a doornail.  

I'm convinced that we've only scratched the surface, the science of essential oils is coming forth, but believe me, the business of medicine will downplay their value every chance they get. In their book Beyond Antibiotics: Healthier Options for Families, Michael A. Schmidt, Lendon H. Smith and Keith W. Sehnert explain how essential plant oils possess unique antimicrobial properties that naturally fight and eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. And the essential oil of oregano in particular, which survivalists and "preppers" alike are discovering is a top choice for staying healthy during a crisis, is arguably the most potent and effective antimicrobial in the essential oil family.

Most people, if asked what they would stock their own "bug-out" bags with, would probably include basic medicines like painkillers and even antibiotics. But oil of oregano, which can be stored long-term without issue, has a leg up on traditional antibiotics, as it hits microbes where it really matters, blocking their ability to breathe. Antibiotics, on the other hand, are designed to obstruct the normal life cycle or metabolism of bacteria, which leaves room for them to mutate and develop resistance.

"One advantage that essential oils [like oil of oregano] have over antibiotics is that bacteria do not develop resistance to essential oils," explains the book Beyond Antibiotics: Healthier Options for Families. "Another advantage to essential oils is that some actually stimulate immune function."  source What you just read is the tip of the iceberg, there's so much more to learn and Google is your friend.


So now that you have a little background on how pure essential oils can safeguard you and your family much better than a flu shot ever could, let's cut to the chase: Immunity Impact Blend.  In my mind, it's common sense to combine all of these powerful antimicrobial essential oils together but I was worried about adding even more heat (oregano) to the already hot blend that includes Cinnamon Bark and Clove.  Since learning that a 1% dilution of Oregano can kill nine fungi, I have the solution!  Add Oregano to Immunity Impact Blend at a 1% dilution rate!  If you paid close attention, you just learned that you need a tiny bit of Oregano for a huge impact. This is important, too many people steer clear of Oregano because it's a hot oil however, in most cases they're using too much.  Less is more, less is more, less is more.


In my opinion, a diffuser is about the most affordable home health device on the market.  A well made diffuser emits minute particles of essential oils into the air allowing us to breathe them in and absorb them through the skin.  Pure essential oils wafting through your home kill airborne pathogens. At my house, during cold and flu season our diffusers are puffing away daily to keep the exposure to sickness at bay.  Everyone who walks through your front door carries germs on their clothing and shoes.  This is one of the reasons the whole dang family can get sick after kids go back to school, they bring home what they've been exposed to at school on their clothes, shoes and backpacks.  When one person gets sick, everyone follows suit.  No worries, run the diffuser and prevent the viruses from spreading. Put DIY Protection Blend in the air and consider a topical application to the bottoms of feet before everyone leaves the house each morning.




Add 3 drops pure Oregano to one 15ml bottle of Immunity Impact Blend.

This blend can be used topically, internally and aromatically!  You can add it to a salve base, put it in your DIY cleaning formulas and oil pull with it!

I know some of you are wondering about the aromatics of Oregano in the cinnamon and spice blend of CW Lavender Thieves Blend, not to worry!  That was the first thing I wanted to find out, the scent of cinnamon and clove still prevail!

Lastly, if you don't already have either of the oils I mentioned don't hesitate to bring both into your home!  Although a 1% dilution of oregano is a very small amount, you should have the essential oil available to you at all times.  I apply Oregano to nasty bug bites for its antimicrobial, anti-venom and anesthetic properties.  I also add it along with Frankincense to a salve base Organic Blemish Peel that I wear every night to get after pre-cancerous skin issues, sun spots and uneven skin tone. Last but not least, Oregano is nature's most powerful antibiotic, always have it in your home and keep it with you while you wander!  If you learn how to use it, you'll have no need to consider a flu shot ever again. One more thing!  The oils in the blend are hot, use with caution and remember that less is more!  There will be instances where using a "neat" (undiluted) application is acceptable but only on areas that aren't sensitive like the soles of your feet. Most of the time, use a carrier oil or a salve base with topical application and be conscious and careful of residue left on fingertips and rubbing eyes etc.

Stay well and be well, happy diffusing!