The Navel Protocol for Parasitic Intestinal Pain

October 22, 2015

The Navel Protocol for Parasitic Intestinal Pain


First of all, while this isn't a well known protocol, application of therapeutic essential oils via the navel in a carrier like salve has been a tried a true application location for me and many, many friends with super results!

The Navel protocol with Ginger is especially helpful for any abdominal discomfort in my opinion but, if you're suffering from a bout with Giardia which brings with it painful gas and diarrheal discomfort, Oregano, a well known anti-parasitic is called for and in many cases, more effective than a prescription. (symptoms, CDC).

The beauty of this natural, plant based protocol is it's ease of use with fairly quick results and no known adverse reactions if the EOs are used in this form, a skin protecting salve base made with all organic ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, rosehip seed oil, beeswax and non-gmo, Kosher certified vitamin e, all of which are natural antioxidants which fight against oxidative stress from free radicals in the body and, prevent skin sensitivities (very important whenever you're using the hottie, OREGANO.



For adults with Giardia symptoms as per the CDC link above, I recommend one finger full as shown in the photo of Ginger Salve applied directly into the navel for abdominal discomfort ie: gas, nausea, cramping followed by the same amount of Oregano Salve layered over the Ginger every two hours for it's anti-parasitic properties, when symptoms are at their worst. I follow up the next day, same protocol but only 2 to 3x daily.  If it's giardia, the upset is usually quick to dissipate. If the symptoms last for more than a day or two after using the Ginger and Oregano navel protocol, consult your health care provider.  Thank goodness for therapeutic essential oils, their uses are endless!

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