Equilibrium Blend

Equilibrium is our amazing homeostasis blend that smells so incredible you just might call it perfume!

Homeostasis: "the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes."

Apply diluted blend topically to the Mastoid bone located behind both earlobes daily or as needed to assist in keeping the vagus nerve clear.

As women, our lives are busy, we may have the disease to please and we often put others before ourselves, robbing ourselves of precious equilibrium. When we’re tipping, swaying, spinning it’s time to pay more attention to that lovely being, you! Begin with Equilibrium daily to address toxin buildup, blockages and other imbalances. May also help ease cluster headaches, inflammation/infection, earaches, stress.

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Copaiba, Clove Bud, Frankincense, Lime


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Angela Owen
Equilibrium Blend

Loving the Equilibrium Blend. Love the way it smells! Highly recommend!

Judith Shammas
Equilibrium Blend

Equilibrium Blend is one I will always keep on hand, in the bedroom, in the office area OR in my purse. I am comfortable using Essential Oils so when I found Equilibrium Blend to be an excellent rebalancer (foggy brain, stress, unsettled sleep, slight headache) it has become one of my #1s. Definitely RECOMMEND!!!

Diane Hietpas
Smells great!

I hope this works, have only used for a week but it’s in my daily routine.

Stacey Stoudt

Equilibrium Blend

Marjorie Marshall
It works!

I have been so pleased with how this works for me that I sent some to my sister who falls more often than I can believe. It is working for her too!

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