Turn Your Shampoo into a Moisturizing Scalp Scrub

December 27, 2013

Turn Your Shampoo into a Moisturizing Scalp Scrub


Is Your Scalp Snowing? Even if dandruff isn't your thing, winter weather and all that beanie wearing can dry out your scalp causing occasional snow flurries. Here's a quick and easy treatment to exfoliate the dry skin and leave some much needed moisture behind with a sweet essential oil that will love your scalp.

This is so easy to make and do, using your favorite shampoo as the "carrier". Thank you to my darling daughter Ava for the inspiration :)



I can hear some of you groaning over my choice of Patchouli...it has that effect on people. However, don't sell this EO short, it has incredible properties: pure Patchouli from the cablin species contains over 20 sesquiterpenes allowing the essential oil to cross the blood-brain barrier and protect the central nervous system. FYI - This is one of the reasons Patchouli is included in Original Jeddy's Blend, an effective blend of EOs that helps with ADD and ADHD. Patchouli is welcome on my scalp anytime!

Another reason for adding Patchouli to a Scalp Scrub is it's ability to increase circulation, stimulate regeneration of cells and firm up sagging skin and muscle. The astringent properties can promote hair growth and even help fasten teeth to gums. Patchouli is also a great cleansing agent effective against dermatitis, eczema and even hemorrhoids.

Are you convinced of Patchouli's merits for your scalp yet? Considered a "miracle in a box", baking soda has been used for decades and proven itself as an all purpose staple to have around. It's alkaline, softens sebum and debris (dirt) allowing for a cleaner scalp with less dandruff or flaking. Now you can wash, exfoliate and moisturize in one easy, fragrant step!

Turn Your Shampoo into a Moisturizing Scalp Scrub
Author: Camp Wander



  1. Add 1 teaspoon and 2 drops Patchouli to your handful of shampoo. Lather up, massage scalp well, rinse.

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