Jeddy's Blend Salve

The Original Jeddy's Blend is an essential oil blend inspired by a Mom who challenged the norm. Four years ago Jeddy's Blend was created by my sister Dori for her young son Jed who was struggling in school with focus, behavior and self-esteem. Her beautifully mellow essential oil blend is grounding and calming without side effects. Hundreds of testimonials are telling the same story, this blend has changed lives. The Original Jeddy's Blend has touched the lives of children and their families, adults in the workplace, and college students worldwide. It has also proven to be helpful for PTSD challenges and even TMJ symptoms.

The Original Jeddy's Blend is back to the basics, made in small batches and handcrafted with the purest of ingredients and the truest of intentions.

Shelf life for CW Salves is approximately 18 months.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Sharon Hunter
The Best

This is the best for relaxing and getting a great nights sleep.

Laura Owens

Jeddy's Blend Salve


Great, have been using for years

Kelsey Kai
Jeddy’s Blend

I use this every night with my 9 year old son. He is very active in sports and struggles to relax at bedtime. I rub his back and feet with this and bedtime is an entirely new experience now! Great gift from a friend!

Linda D.
Jeddy's Blend

I keep using it and it really helps for tension headaches. Thanks for a fine product!

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