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Crushing Headache Pain Relief

April 16, 20154 Comments

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When even light aggravates your headache, you might have a crushing headache on your hands. Some would categorize this kind of headache as a migraine but that's not always so.  In my case, it's more a sinus issue but regardless of it's origin, heavy hitter pain relief is in order! While reading about Helichrysum and it's wide scope of uses I made a mental note to try it next time I had one of those horrid headaches that seem to a combination of allergies, tension, and exhaustion. However, this thought occurred to me, what if a headache like the one I was experiencing is linked to heavy metal contamination (which we're all exposed to) or spiking blood pressure, even spiking blood sugar? "The hypotensive action of helichrysum improves the condition of blood vessels by lowering inflammation, increasing smooth muscle function and lowering high blood pressure, according to a 2008 study done by the School of Medical Sciences at the University of Durban. The observed cardiovascular effects of using helichrysum oil support the basis for its use in the management of high blood pressure and the protection of heart health — just like it’s been traditionally used for many years in European folkloric medicine." "Known to be an antispasmodic, blood purifier and anti-inflammatory, helichrysum has been used as a liver stimulant and detoxifier for centuries. It’s commonly used in folk medicine to treat liver disease and to help the body detoxify from toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and air pollution." Praise the heavens I paid to the information I was reading about Helichrysum because for me, this combination proved to be effective for headache pain relief and pain relief in general. We all need relief options and the following is a good combination to keep in mind... I decided to combine CW Helichrysum along with my favorite blend for relaxing my neck and shoulder muscles where I carry stress, Original Jeddy's Blend. The CW Shop now sells Original Jeddy's Salve, I use it as a convenient carrier base in some instances however, a traditional carrier oil like coconut oil works too. I added 1 drop of CW Helichrysum and 1 drop of Original Jeddy's Blend to a small amount of Original Jeddy's Salve which served as my carrier base then applied to my temples, forehead and around my eyes without getting too close!

If you don't have Original Jeddy's Salve on hand, use your carrier oil of choice to apply!


Once I began to feel human again, I reapplied the protocol every 20 minutes for 2 hours.  Remember, pure essential oils are rapidly absorbed and used by the body and if your situation is acute, reapplication every 15 to 30 minutes is acceptable until symptoms subside. Of course, common sense is king, if you suspect your situation is more serious than a normal headache, seek medical attention from your health practitioner.  

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    The Recipe

    Crushing Headache Pain Relief

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    May 10, 2017 at 11:47am

    Make sure the EOs are well diluted before applying and use only pure EOs of course. I would feel safe applying under those circumstances to my own 10 yr old.


    May 10, 2017 at 11:47am

    Hello. Thanks for the great recipe! Can this blend be used on a 10 year old?


    May 10, 2017 at 11:47am

    I’ve diffused it for years now, it’s never been a problem :)

    Pam S

    May 10, 2017 at 11:47am

    I was reading about Jeddy’s blend oil, and it has a carrier oil in it. So is it ok to diffuse with a carrier oil, I thought you had to just use the essential oils in the diffuser.
    Thanks, I enjoy your site.

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