Muscle Ease Salve

Now available - 10ml Muscle Ease essential oil blend

Muscle Ease - Cramp Relief Blend

Introducing our newest signature blend salve for cramp relief and muscle soreness. We like to call it the Charlie Horse blend, but you might just call it the “OMG thank you!” blend especially if you suffer from muscle spasms that wake you up in the night. The second you feel a tightening, apply and massage in! Bonus, this blend can be a great arthritis relief blend as well.

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Shelf life - approximately 18 months

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Customer Reviews

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Angela Thomas
So great

I get terrible leg cramps that I usually have to use a heating pad to ease. Sometimes I have to use the heating pad multiple times to ease the cramp. I haven’t needed a heating pad since I started using the salve. Tonight’s cramp was really bad. I thought I might need to add some heat to the cramp but it worked itself out. This is a great product. The jar is better warm because it comes out easier. Glad for the warmer weather. I really wish it came in sticker form.

Takes care of my sore muscles

I use this on my hips, calfs and back for the pain I have after working on projects outside. I love the roll on as well since it is simple and fast to use.

Mary Markowitch

My husband gets cramps on his legs a lot so we decided to try Muscle Ease it has reduced his cramping by at least 75% . I think that the more he uses it the less he cramps . We will use your products because they work .And we diffidently recommend them .

Terri M
My husband asked for his own jar!

Cramps in my feet and legs used to wake me up on the regular until I started using this before bed. I shared this with my husband when he started having pain in his thigh - it worked so well he uses it whenever his muscles are sore. While he uses many of your products, this is the first time he’s requested his own jar!

David G

Love this stuff. Helps enormously when you want to sleep and your legs DON’T!!!!

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