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Muscle Ease Salve

Now available - 10ml Muscle Ease essential oil blend!

Muscle Ease - Cramp Relief Blend

Introducing our newest signature blend salve for cramp relief and muscle soreness. We like to call it the Charlie Horse blend, but you might just call it the “OMG thank you!” blend especially if you suffer from muscle spasms that wake you up in the night. The second you feel a tightening, apply and massage in! Bonus, this blend can be a great arthritis relief blend as well.

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Shelf life - approximately 12 months

Lucky you! Should this item be on back order it's usually only a 3 to 4 day delay!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
My favorite!

Muscle Ease is one of my favorites. Great for the soreness after a hard workout, or those little mystery 'ouch'es that occur with age. Love the smell of this particular blend, and it does wonders for aches and pains.


Absolutely amazed how this stuff works!

The ease of Muscle Ease

Thank you Rebecca aka Camp Wander for this wonderful & easy to use salve for the muscles in my legs. Wouldn’t be without it. ❤️❤️ Thank you for such great products

Muscle ease

My sister has suffered from leg cramps for years , due to standing on a concrete floor from working. An this wasnt due to a magnesium deficiency, but just from repetitive standing . So i bought her your Muscle Ease , hoping to bring her some relief . An after trying so many different products over the years , she says that Muscle Ease for her is a 'Miracle ' , a couple minutes after applying it , her pain is gone ! So Thank You Camp Wander for another Great product !! Sincerly , Debbie Marshia


This salve works very well!

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