CW Muscle Ease for Cramp Relief

July 07, 2016

CW Muscle Ease for Cramp Relief

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Introducing CW Muscle Ease for cramp relief. We like to call it the Charlie Horse blend, you'll learn to call it the "OMG thank you!" blend especially if you suffer from leg cramps that wake you up in knots at night.

This blend is brought to you by a CW reader who shared with me her "go to" leg cramp blend. I liked it so much I asked her permission to share it with you. Thank you, Jane, I'm excited to the share the recipe publicly and, offer it in the CW Shop. There are many scenarios that can contribute to a nocturnal

There are many scenarios that can contribute to a nocturnal charlie horse episode including diet, hormones, age but the truth is, muscle spasms happen. Muscle spasms AKA: charlie/charley horse, of this nature, are common and harmless as long as they're not prolonged. Muscles spasms can occur anywhere in the body but leg muscle spasms are the most common.


There are three essential oils that comprise this blend, all are common and easy to find and when blended together they're a powerhouse of relief used topically. I prefer this blend in a roller bottle because a roller bottle is much easier to grab and use in the middle of the night.

    If you experience muscle spasms at night, do yourself a favor and keep a roller bottle of CW Muscle Ease Blend on your nightstand. The second you feel a tightening, apply and massage in!  Bonus, this blend can be a great arthritis relief blend as well.

    1. Add essential oils to glass roller bottle, top off with preferred carrier oil. Tip back and forth to blend. Apply topically as needed.

    Recipe By: CampWander


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