4 Kid Friendly Ideas for Tonsillectomy Pain

November 27, 2017

4 Kid Friendly Ideas for Tonsillectomy Pain

Our 3 yr old grandson had a tonsillectomy procedure today, poor little guy. While I was prepping a special salve for him to speed healing, address pain and the swelling that hits the 2nd and 3rd day I thought I'd share this custom salve with you too!  Of course, I'm not a physician, the following is only my personal opinion. 

First and foremost, comfort is king. Snuggles, attentiveness and a dash of Mom's intuition all go a long way in a swift and successful healing process.

Four protocols to heal and soothe...

1. Lavender Essential Oil Salve - I use my therapeutic salves almost exclusively when it comes to protocols for kids because the salve base ingredients protect their tender skin against skin sensitivities, my salves are spill proof and last but not least, ready to use - no dilution required. 

Lavender Salve is anti-inflammatory, calming, restorative and gentle.

2. Copaiba Essential Oil - In this case, I'll be adding Copaiba oil to my Lavender Salve for extra pain relief. In addition to Lavender's pain relieving properties, Copaiba has special properties of its own. Not only can it block the body's detection of pain it protects the liver in the process. Protecting the liver is noteworthy as the most common over the counter pain relievers can be damaging to the liver and small intestine tract.


3. Ketones in the body - I'm a huge fan of Ketosis for many reasons, two of them being the profusion of increased oxygen in tissue and, the anti-inflammatory actions. When ketones are present in the blood the body forgets about glucose dependency for fuel and your cravings for sugar and refined carbs subside.

Ketones are actually a native fuel source, we're born with ketones fueling our small, fragile bodies. Ketones burn cleaner than sugar (glucose) producing fewer free radicals and can be an integral part of the healing of chronic wounds. 

Nowadays, kids and their parents find the Ketogenic lifestyle too restrictive that's why I'm a believer in a quality Ketone Supplement taken daily. I've lost 60 lbs in less than a year switching to a keto friendly lifestyle that includes a Ketone supplement twice a day. I'm motivated by the cognitive preserving benefits of ketones first and foremost as my Dad recently passed away from Alzheimers Disease but fat burning has been an exciting, anti-aging benefit! 

4. Aromatherapy Fun! - In the form of our Aroma Snap Band Bracelets. What little one doesn't like a fun gadget like a snap band bracelet? Add 6 drops of Original Jeddy's Blend to the felt pad of our Aroma Snap Bracelets and watch the smiles - Cohen will love playing with this therapeutic, fun gift whilst it relaxes him!


FYI - a 2 yr old's wrist is shown above but that same Snap Bracelet fits me too!

I hope this information and combination of protocols proves helpful for you and yours as well. Remember, CW Salves are a safer, easier option when applying essential oils to little ones. Let them help, you'll be amazed how quickly kids are drawn to them and how quickly they begin asking for their salves to apply to soothe their cuts, scratches, leg aches and more!