Amazing EO Bottle & Salve Jar Glass Cleaner

April 09, 2016

Amazing EO Bottle & Salve Jar Glass Cleaner


Wash up your EO glassware and remove label adhesive with this amazing EO Bottle & Salve Jar Glass Cleaner! Just spray them down, rinse and wipe them out, recycle your pretties for blending and sharing. It's easy! Confession, I have a hard time parting with pretty jewel toned bottles and jars, even recycling them is hard so, I take the time to clean and repurpose them as blending bottles, sharing bottles, spray bottles, salve refills, earring keepers, spice jars - you name it, their uses are endless! But washing these little containers is no small feat, essential oil and salve residue can be difficult to remove. In the pursuit of saving time I found an easier way to clean the oil and salve waxes out of these tiny vessels, I love this stuff! When I tell you that this cleaner is a couple of cups of cheap vodka with a few tablespoons of blue Dawn dish soap there's going to be more than a few of you who will immediately think to substitute the alcohol with vinegar, ah yes, the famous cleaning duo that I love too but not for this purpose, I'll tell you why...

  1. Vodka extracts essential oils (vodka is a common solvent used in herbal tinctures) making it the perfect solution to get that thick Patchouli or Vetiver out :)
  2. Vodka kills germs - ensuring that your bottles and jars are sanitized without running them through the dishwasher or rinsing with boiling water. You will still need to rinse with water due to the small amount of soap then wipe dry or air dry and your glass is squeaky clean!
  3. Vodka keeps sudsing to a minimum! You know how pairing vinegar and Dawn dish soap creates thick, foamy suds, that's not the case with vodka. You can shake this glassware cleaner vigorously and it only bubbles up a little bit, it also stays blended. Vodka is a great emulsifier!
In the end, I decided that a spray bottle was the best way to disperse the cleaner because it gives you more control and you use less. I make up a generous amount, the solution keeps well and I'm finding more and more uses for it, I bet you do too. I recycle glass vinegar bottles for my DIY cleaning solutions, they're super cheap at your grocer! Replace the cap on the bottle with a dollar store spray top and remove the label with your new, super duty glass cleaner :)  Enjoy!
  1. Pour all ingredients in bottle, shake gently to blend.
  2. BOTTLES: Spray down your glassware inside and out, let sit a minute or two then rinse with warm water and let dry.
  3. SALVE JARS: Wipe out empty salve jars with a paper towel first. Spray inside and out, let sit a minute or two then rinse and wipe. You may need to repeat the process if your glass jar doesn't feel squeaky clean the first time around.
  4. KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN REACH - for obvious reasons!

Recipe By: CampWander


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