How this Mom Fought a Double Ear Infection

March 27, 2019

kids ear infection

I'm grateful to those who share their real life experiences using CW products, especially for Moms and Physicians willing to consider complimentary alternatives to antibiotics.

The following is a published testimonial from my Camp Wander facebook page - graciously shared by a momma committed to seeking out plant based alternatives and sharing her experience with us!  Thanks a bunch Amanda

Can we just say “thank you” (again)?!?!
Our resident 2 year old has the WORST seasonal allergies (end of Feb to End of April is just the pits). Usually, we can stave off issues with our Salves and Essential Oils but her “terrific twos” have been strong and she refused to blow her nose and cooperate for 3 days in a row and BAM! - snot backed up into sinuses and ears for (you guessed it) sinus infection AND a DOUBLE ear infection. 😫🤦🏻‍♀️😭Worst part: we didn’t even know until she woke up screaming. Talk about feeling like a horrible mom. 😞😢

Rushed her to the doctor (our Pediatrician is the best) and he lamented that it was so bad, we’d have to do antibiotics and an allergy med to get her back to baseline (yep, guilt ridden mom right here 🙋🏻‍♀️). Then he recommended kefir & ghee for her tummy because the antibiotic would be harsh & asked that I look through my EOs for the most anti-inflammatory ones to apply in carrier salve 2-4 times a day to the outside of her ears and forehead to help her manage swelling and pain. He wanted us to check back in 24 hrs to see if we might need more meds or therapies.
So, we have been doing a half pea size dab of the Cannabis Sativa and Copaiba Salves with one drop of Turmeric/Black Pepper Blend in lieu of OTC pain meds. Y’all... she hasn’t woken up once, tugged at those ears, or complained about being in pain!
But it gets better: Just returned from our check up (26 hrs after the initial visit and 20 hours after her first meds & Salve/Essential Oil applications.... and he was STUNNED to see how much her ears had improved with just 6 applications of the Salve/EO mix and 2 doses of antibiotics. He commented that antibiotics don’t work that fast and that her ears went from looking like they were about to rupture to barely inflamed. 
💥Camp Wander for the win 🙌🏼 (again)💥

I don’t know why the power of nature and “original medicine” always blows me away... we’ve been using it in conjunction with “modern medicine” in this household for over 9 years (you’d think I’d learn). But one thing I always am: grateful! The gratitude I have for Camp Wander and their dedication to transparency, education, purity, and kindness... my cup runneth over! Thank you for making these available and for your unwavering commitment to this community! I certainly don’t know what we’d do without you! All my love ❤️Amanda

Plant medicine...

"I’m continually surprised by their uncanny effectiveness as healers. I’m always surprised by how they demonstrate a deep and broad awareness. They seem to know in detail so much about the person who approaches them for healing, including the person’s past and (believe or not) their future. I’m constantly being surprised not only from my own stories, but also by the practitioner’s stories and by what is possible." - Eliot Cowan, leading authority on the healing wisdom of plants.

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