Antimicrobial Soap Scum Buster!

September 27, 2014

Antimicrobial Soap Scum Buster!


It's Saturday, chore day at Camp Wander and why I haven't shared my secret weapon for a shiny, sanitized loo with you is beyond me!  Oh. My. Gosh. I love this simple no scrub formula and you'll have NO idea how much I love it until you make your own.  It's so easy, so affordable and....ding, ding, ding...antimicrobial! The world changed with a post from one of my sisters, the DIY Diva sister, creator of One Good Thing by Jillee whom I unselfishly share with the world because I'm nice like that har har.  Wrap your head around this, there are only TWO ingredients, no scrubbing and it's CHEAP. P.S. As the eldest sister, it's likely I'll add my own twist, ok very likely.  Just a few drops of pure essential oils for a clean beyond good measure, perfection I tell you! Here's an idea for a neat spray bottle that your essential oils will be happy in... Next time you're at the market buy several one-quart glass bottles of white vinegar (Heinz) and top with Dollar Store spray bottle tops when empty - they're my favorite!  I pour a 1/2 cup in my dishwasher and into every wash load for a green fabric softener, I have no problem emptying vinegar bottles! There's joy in this kind of clean :)


1 cw round 150


  • 24 oz spray bottle - recycled glass vinegar bottle as shown!
  • 2 cups white vinegar
  • 1 cup blue dawn dish soap (yes, it has to be blue dawn to work like it does)
  • 8 drops Rosemary essential oil
  • 8 drops Spearmint essential oil
  • Of course you can switch up the EOs if you like, use what you have but I love Rosemary and Spearmint even though the white vinegar is rather overpowering.
  1. Heat the vinegar until hot and pour into spray bottle, add the Dawn and drip your EOs. Put the spray top on and gently tip side to side to mix.
  2. Easy enough. Now time to get to work!
  3. Simply spray the tub and toilet scum buster formula all over, top to bottom, generously. Now let it sit for up to 20 minutes then rinse. Your acrylic or cast iron tubs and porcelain toilets will be smooth and shiny once again! FYI: My year old deep soak acrylic tub still looks new, the finish has not been harmed by the vinegar, soap and EOs in case you were wondering :)

Recipe By: CampWander