Birch Magic Bullet Pain Relief Blend

May 19, 2019

Birch Magic Bullet

Sometimes a pain relief blend just needs BIRCH.

Several years ago I created a simple blend of 2 essential oils for my neighbor with some arthritis issues, pretty much the normal aches and pains as we age. We tried several combinations of anti-inflammatory essential oils but it became apparent a little Birch was needed and all was well...WAS well.

A month ago my neighbor who now has more serious pain issues resulting from a plate in her neck and a knee replacement came to me waving a small brown bottle in the air! Upon cleaning out a drawer, she rediscovered the Birch Blend I made her years ago. She tried the now several years old blend on her neck and was thrilled with the results. She asked me to whip up another bottle to share with her hubby and just recently, her sisters! 

Since our neighborly collaboration is growing in popularity, I want to share it with you too, my favorite CW neighbors just a click away :)


Birch Magic Bullet 


precautions when considering Birch use or, sharing the blend with others
  • Birch is a natural form of aspirin which means it's a natural blood thinner
  • Do not use if you're allergic to aspirin or on blood thinners
  • It's always a good idea to consult your health care provider before use
 usage suggestions
  • Use topically as needed
  • Dilute blend 50% w/ carrier oil - more if you experience skin sensitivities
  • A test patch on the inside of your elbow is recommended
  • Camp Wander Naked Salve can be used in lieu of diluting blend
  • 2 drops Magic Bullet Blend per 1/2 teaspoon Naked Salve

Camp Wander Wildcrafted Canadian Birch Essential Oil is available year round, supply permitting!