Bug Bite Remedies

April 27, 2014

Bug Bite Remedies


Spring has sprung and it's time to get outside! Insects are emerging from a long winter too and getting busy doing what they do. Every once in awhile we get in each others way and the results can be painful. Although bugs can be a nuisance, we need each other so respect the bug and be prepared for the stingers and bites of summertime!

Bug bites and bee or wasp stings can cause itching, swelling, redness and soreness. With a few natural remedies like pure essential oils you got this! However, bee and wasp stings can be life threatening so watch your bug bite victim carefully over the next 12 to 24 hrs for signs of trouble! Do not hesitate to get help if you notice difficulty breathing, fever or anything else out of the ordinary.The good news is insect bites of a benign nature can be soothed with a few oils like Lavender and Roman Chamomile. A little Thyme and Melaleuca come in handy too ~ those antimicrobials are worth their weight in gold!

There are a few items in your pantry that are great companions to oils to help with itching and irritation too like organic apple cider vinegar and oatmeal.

Spider Bite

A spider bite can be particularly nasty, especially those of the Black Widow and Hobo variety. Should medical attention be necessary, use this protocol while enroute to the nearest medical facility: apply 10 drops pure Lavender (undiluted) to a small piece of sterile gauze or clean bandana every 5 minutes covering the bite site. Lavender is an antimicrobial and a very beneficial essential oil for aiding tissue restoration. Do a search on burn victims and Lavender, you'll see some amazing results!

Spider bites can be nasty, particularly Black Widow and Hobo spider bites. Take precautions and watch bite carefully, seek medical attention if you suspect a poisonous spider bite. See below...




  1. Apply directly to spider bite 4x a day for 2 days or more if needed.
  2. Should medical attention be necessary, use this protocol: apply 10 drops pure Lavender (undiluted) to a small piece of sterile gauze or clean bandana every 5 minutes and cover the bite site on your way to a medical facility.


Mosquito Bite

Great news here! We can effectively be preventative when it comes to these pesky bugs. When outdoors, spray your clothing and exposed skin with an all natural Insect Repellent. Be sure to go to this blog post and keep the simple recipe in your EO Journal! We have fly fishers in our family that swear by this blend. It's safe for kids and animals, very effective and smells amazing! It's even safe to spray in your hair while gardening - which I do a lot! TIP: Repel night time buzzing pests by spraying your bed and pillow with Drunken Lavender Linen Spray, you'll benefit in two ways: mosquitos don't appreciate Lavender like we do and will vacate the premises, the relaxing aromatherapy effects will help you relax!

A mosquito bite is generally just an annoyance but can carry micro-organisms like malaria or West Nile. Take precautions to mitigate infection by using Lavender and Thyme essential oil.


Bathtub Protocol

  • 1 cup organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup oatmeal
Instructions - for multiple mosquito bites, try this -
  1. Add 1 cup organic apple cider vinegar, 1 cup oatmeal, 10 drops Lavender, 5 drops Thyme, soak for 15 minutes.
  2. The ACV and oatmeal with help soothe the itch and emulsify the essential oils in the bath water.