Constipation Relief

January 30, 2015

Constipation Relief


A generally common condition for young and old alike that's easy to remedy with an essential oil or two!

When you've attended to good water intake, some fiber in your diet and a walk around the block to get things moving try essential oils for constipation relief, they can work brilliantly with a topical application!  I was reminded of this easy protocol by my "essential oil" using Momma when she was struggling with clogged pipes after a round of antibiotics (constipation is a common side effect).  After two applications, she was good to go!  (pun intended)

FYI: I've seen this remedy work very well for little ones!  Use Wild Orange or Lavender for your littles as well as Herbal Baby Blend.


    1. Rub 1 drop of essential oil with a carrier oil over abdomen, in and around navel too!
    2. Apply topically every 2 hours as needed.

    Recipe By: CampWander